In the beginning was the word: An Analysis

John 1:1 : In the beginning was the word

This verse explains that the word was already existent when God had not created anything – visible or invisible. The earth was not yet formed and the heaven was not put in order. God, the father had not administered his power of creating things at that time. The time had not yet arrived for our heavenly father to enjoy the company of his own creation. That was the time when the WORD was there. God foresaw that there was a need for the word to be present before any creation, and this need was greater than his own desire to create man and women in his own image.

Lets analyse it further:

Why did God choose to put the word at the first place in the beginning?

Our God is a just God who desires his children to listen and obey his word. But that doesn’t mean that God has exalted himself above his word. Bible says in Psalm 138:2b “God honours his word more than his own name”. God willingly brought himself down, under the authority of his word, so that he could prove to be an example and source of strength for those who long to follow his word.

What difference it would have made if the word was not present in the beginning?

The word acts as the foundation for everything that has already been created or will come into being. The word is the source and the very means that sustain the creation. Bible says in Matthew 4:4 “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” God, our heavenly father, in all his wisdom, sent provision to sustain his creation before he brought his creation into being. The order can’t be reversed.

How does this verse In the beginning was the word impact our lives today?

The verse is as relevant today as it was at the time when it was first written – thousands of years ago. Those who have tasted the word, know by experience that the active and alive nature of word, convicts and restores their conscious at the same time. We need the word daily to turn our claim that we are God’s children into reality. Our biological parents feed us with the same kind of food that they eat, likewise, our heavenly father shares his own food with us. His word is the real food. What a joy to dine with him daily!

There is nothing in our lives that was, that is or that can ever be beyond the jurisdiction of God’s Word, for the Word was in the beginning.


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