Be transformed

Bible says in Romans 12:2 “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

According to the Bible we should renew our minds regularly. What are the benefits of a renewed mind and what would be the consequences if we do not renew our mind and what are the tools available to us to renew our mind and how often we should be renewing our minds?

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Renewal of  mind is a continuous process that has great benefits if it is done in a systematic manner by the tools we have been blessed with. Renewed mind thinks beyond the strength and weakness of one’s own natural strength and weakness. A normal mind can multiply its strength just by renewing itself DAILY..yes, it has to be done daily to reap the benefits.

The mind is an immense powerhouse God has blessed us with. We could never realize the full power and potential of our mind, even though scientists have done a great deal of research in this area. And if the power of renewal is coupled with the power of our mind, the human renewed mind could do great wonders.

Scientifically it has been proved that our mind needs 21 days to turn a piece of information or activity into habit or belief. In other words, if we keep doing an activity continuously for 3 weeks, at the end of three weeks , we’ll see that the same activity has turned into habit and then we’ll catch ourselves doing that activity subconsciously. It follows that if we want the word of God to get  established inside of us, we should get into the habit of speaking it to ourselves. As Bible says in psalm 103, “Praise God, O my soul” David was speaking to his soul and asking it to praise the Lord. We could easily program our mind to praise the Lord by speaking the word of God continuously for 3 weeks. Mere speaking would not bring us any benefits unless we speak with strong faith that this is what is going to happen. Speaking the word of God with faith is the first step in the process of renewing our mind.

A renewed mind will think and react as Jesus would do in a certain kind of situation. A renewed mind leads us to Godly thoughts. A renewed mind will know the will of most high God in a given situation without any doubts and confusion. On the other hand an un-renewed mind is like a hideout of thoughts which are destructive in nature. A destructive mind is nothing but an empty, unattended mind that hasn’t been renewed for a long time. Sometimes we think, just of little bit of going away from the word of God doesn’t matter. BUT it does, Bible says, “A little yeast make the whole batch of dough rise.”

Lets get into the habit of renewing our mind daily. For only a renewed mind produces Godly thoughts.