Purpose of our faith

Faith as defined in Bible is “Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrew 11:1). Faith is often understood as a means by which we could get the things we are asking for in our prayers. In other words, whatever we are asking for will turn to reality if we have faith.

Before we apply faith to turn our prayers into tangible blessings, we need to learn the true meaning of faith and why God wants us to have faith.

Faith is a fruit of the spirit that matures over a period of time. We will better understand what faith is if we focus our attention towards the one who gives us faith and why HE wants us to have faith. This understanding will allow us to better exercise faith, as a fruit of the spirit.

To have faith is to be sure of the sovereign power of God’s word all the times. To know that answer will come according to his promises in his time. The test of our faith comes when there is a delay in getting answers to our prayers. The longer the delay, the harder the test. But those who persist in their faith know by experience that they don’t lose anything during waiting period. In fact, they receive the same joy without seeing the answers to their prayers that others receive when they see. In other words, even though they have not received the things yet, they are receiving the fulfillment and joy that others would feel upon receiving the things. What a great difference faith brings into our lives. We may or may not have the answers to our prayers but we carry a special joy with us all the time.

This faith generated joy brings rest into our lives. The rest God has desired for all his children when he gave this message through his son Jesus Christ, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

The true purpose of our faith is not to speak the word over our problems and see the immediate deliverance but to see the unseen working through our prayers and be filled with joy that in HIM its all done.