Prayer for protection

The Lord is Holy and dwells in holiness. He is worthy of all praise and honour and glory for through Him and in Him we have been called to become the followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. He was unblemished and was chosen to become a ransom for our sins from the beginning.

We were called to remain in his glory and behold his glorious being. But we went away from Him. We neither recognized our sins not repented but He is merciful and in his grace, brought us back to our original place that was prepared for us by his mighty hands. He is the one who deserve all praise and honour.

Father, since we have been called to live in Christ, protect your people in the name of Jesus. The name that is our eternal abode. For in his name we are safe and well protected. Father, in Christ we move and have our fullness. Protect your people today, in the holy name of Jesus.

My Father, those who started with Christ and haven’t finished it yet, let them be strengthened to fulfill the purpose that you have desired for them in Christ. Father, your people need your own strength to carry out your divine purpose in their lives. Strengthen them in body, mind, and spirit to stand firm and receive the eternal blessings that you have promised in Jesus Christ.

Father, send us the strength of the Holy spirit today so that we may rise and stand firm in Jesus name.

Thanks you father that everything ever asked in Jesus name has been fulfilled and received according to Jesus’ divine word. AMEN!