My ways are not your ways

Christ, the son of most high God, our mediator, High Priest, King, Lord and the Saviour works in a unique way. He is the first one to rise from the dead and through his death and resurrection we have been blessed with the life in all its fullness. He is the way, the truth and the life and HIS ways are as unique and awesome as the glory due to HIS holy name. His ways are not our ways, But He is willing to reveal himself and his ways to us, provided we have a deep desire to know him.

Christ is same yesterday, today and forever. He is still busy doing what he was doing 2000 years ago – revealing God and his ways to us. Christ’ ways are beyond comprehension but as Paul says “We have the mind of Christ.”

1. Christ hides himself: Christ is¬†always with us according to his promise that “I am with you till the end of the age”. But he intentionally hides himself at times. Bible tells us in Luke 24, When the disciples were going to a village called Emmaus, Jesus started walking with them but they were kept from recognizing him. Christ knows and controls the time to reveal and hides himself from his people. When he is hidden, he prepares our hearts and fills us with a deep desire to know and find him, so that when he is revealed, we will receive his revealed message with a willing heart.

2. Christ wants us to ask him “Where are you going.”: In other words, Christ is willing to make his ways known to us. He said to his disciples in John 16:5, “I am going to him who sent me and none of you ask me “Where are you going””. Christ is willing to tell us his ways and also give us the keys to the kingdom of heaven to see the hidden treasure and know how the kingdom works. Christ calls us his friends. For He says that everything I learned from my Father I have made known to you. Ask Christ about his ways and he will be more than willing to reveal the hidden secrets to you. The mysteries of his kingdom will become plain and clear and Bible will not remain a closed book but will become a living, speaking word of God that will fill you with a desire to know God and his son Jesus Christ.

4. Christ makes everything new: Those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and saviour know and have experienced that nothing renews the mind and refreshes the soul of the believer as Christ does. Christ changes the thought pattern of the believer in a moment and this renewed state of the mind fills the believer with an undying hope and joy.

Have you ever experienced that some people carry a special joy and peace despite being at adverse situations and circumstances? This is the joy of the Lord that never runs dry and fills the believer with strength and power. For the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Do you have questions and want to know more about how God works. Jesus, the revealed word of God, is ready to answer all your questions. Call him, talk to him, question him. Jesus is willing, Are you?