Do you want to receive revelation from Christ

Rev. 1:10,On the Lord’s Day, I was in the Spirit and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet.”

John was at the island of Patmos suffering and waiting for the Lord. Bible says in Rev. 1:10 that On the Lord’s Day, He heard the voice of the Lord which said “Write on a scroll what you see.” John received the revelation from the Lord Himself.

The Lord’s Day brings great revelations only to those who are waiting for the Lord. John was patiently enduring the suffering on the island of Patmos when Jesus revealed his glory and his Word to him. The Day of the Lord waits for the fulfillment of the time and the waiting for the Lord’s day fills God’s people with great endurance and patience, a unique endurance that gets renewed with every passing day.

Waiting for the Lord is not easy and it often fills with discouragement and frustration but nothing ever done for the Lord is useless. The Lord not only empowers the one who is waiting for the Lord with a unique strength and hope, but also fulfills HIS desire and purpose to turn his child into a special instrument for God’s Kingdom and glory.

Waiting for the Lord brings about the fulfilment of the word of Christ My strength is made perfect in your weakness.” The one who is waiting for the Lord may not be receiving any worldly blessings for a certain period of time, but the joy of the Lord abounds at this time and the Spirit directly controls our will and emotions to align them with the greatest purpose of God’s own heart that He has desired for us even before we were born.

Waiting for the Lord allows God to purge the darkness out of us, renew the Godly power and spiritual gifts in us and make us ready to hear and receive the word from the Lord “GO.”

Waiting for the Lord may seem a furnace of affliction at times but out of it comes out a powerful witness that could cause many to come to God’s Kingdom. The author of the book of revelation (John) could have never had the great revelation if he had not been patiently enduring the suffering for Christ.

Are you waiting for the Lord to come and rescue you from negative circumstances in your life. Have you been waiting for long and nothing seem to be moving. Don’t focus on what you are seeing today. The Lord is preparing a powerful witness in you and through you… HE IS GOING TO MOVE THE WORLD AROUND YOU AND YOUR TESTIMONY WILL BRING MANY TO HIS CROSS….The great revelation is awaiting to be revealed to you by Christ himself…Are you ready?

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