Don’t settle for anything less than God’s own portion

The Bible is full of instances where Jesus miraculously turned something  insignificant into blessing for many. In John 6 He turned 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into food for more than 5 thousand people. Since Jesus is same, yesterday today and forever he is still into the business of multiplying our blessings.

Do you want to find the “key” of God’s multiplication? Are you working hard but find that at the end of the day your earnings are not enough to fulfill the needs of the family, or you have been struggling to work hard for a job that doesn’t bring any appreciation nor promotion. Or you have all what it takes to live a luxurious life but lack peace of mind? Take heart…All You need to do is to change your focus  from “What your hands have or could have achieved” to “What God has earned for you”. Then blessings will flow in a way you would have never imagined. The change in focus passes the measuring cup and portion of your blessings from your hands to God’s hands.

Since we are God’s children, Do not settle for anything less than God’s own portion – whether its peace, joy,  material blessings or anything else. God’s portion is on your way if you acknowledge your blessings and thank heavenly father with a sincere heart:

1. Acknowledge that you are blessed – People usually count their blessings by comparing them with others and sometimes find that they would be better off had they gotten a little more. This mindset is not what God has desired for his children. The Lord wants us to look around with open mind and see what we have without judging the worth of the possession (how big or small). Counting the blessings out loud in the presence of the Lord is the first step to know how rich you  are. You might be surprised to find that you are actually richer than you think.

2. Thank God – Thanking God for the blessings brings glory to the Lord and fills us with a sense of appreciation and gratitude. Being grateful fills us with a Godly attribute. Jesus thanked the father before he performed any miracle. Jesus thanked the father when he broke the bread and turned it into food for thousands, Jesus thanked the father before he called Lazarus back to life when he had been buried for four days. Jesus has left us a sure key to divine blessings – Thanksgiving.

Our miracle is not far from us but God has already planted it in our minds. The miracle is ready and is eagerly awaiting an outward expression through the lips that are  filled with a burning desire to thank and praise God. Acknowledging and thanking God for the blessings prepares a solid ground for us to stand to receive God’s own portion.

3. Receive – Now is the time to receive God’s portion by God’s hands. God does not delay nor desires his people to live in poverty. God, as a father, is willing to pour out his blessings right now. And those who have acknowledged their blessings before the Lord  and thanked God are not far from GOD’S OWN PORTION IN JESUS’ NAME.

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