Bible Study

I am the way, the truth and the life

The Truth – Truth is the very essence of the word of God. The truth is the bonding force that proves the validity of the word. Truth is absolute and authoritative. It doesn’t need the backup of any human testimonial to prove its amazing force at work. Truth is the very core of our being and it has been brought down to us by the one who dwelt among us – Jesus – the word of God turned into flesh to bring a face to the truth and who has enabled us to live a truthful life. Truth is not harsh in nature nor is it destructive. It always encourages and builds up. Jesus during his ministry, destroyed the false imaginations that were raised against the knowledge of the most high God and that had tainted the image of God in us. Jesus never promoted any sect of people. He diligently worked among all, seeking those who were humble and ready to come to God in faith. Even today God wants us to destroy  the false images that try to find an expression in our lives and deceive us by the lie that we are short of the virtues of God’s children.  Jesus has already destroyed these forces of darkness on cross through His death and resurrection and these false images cannot raise their head unless we allow them to find a way in us. Jesus never tried to establish any religion  but opened a way for us to know the truth that we are precious children of most high God, created in nothing less than God’s own image.

The way – Jesus came to preach that HE is the only way to the father. He said that no one can go to the father except through me. He said that father and I are one. He said that anyone who has seen me has seen the father. He is the image of the invisible God who has revealed the true nature of God to us. Without knowing Jesus as the son and representative of God, we will never be able to know the true nature of God, that is, God is love. It’s not God’s actions that are driven by love but HE himself is love. We measure the love of God by our own standards, but God’s love remains same in all situations. God is righteous and being created in his own image, we are every bit as righteous as our father, provided we remain in HIM. Jesus has opened a way for us to remain in this truth and has enabled us to walk in the blessings of  the shadow of God’s own righteousness.

The Life: Jesus has brought down a new life to us that is meant to be lived in the glorious freedom of God’s own children. Life is purposeless for those who live in bondage – of money, fame, insecurity, fear and other forces of darkness. God has not sent us on this earth to live in slavery but in freedom. In freedom we cry out Abba Father and acknowledge that we are not alone in this vast expanse of universe, we have someone who knows us by name; we have someone who knew all about us even before we came into existence. HE is the one who has carved out our image on the palms of his hands. We are his children  and always will be. Its only in HIS presence that life finds its true fulfillment and purpose.


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