Salvation! What next?

Everyone who believes in his heart and confesses with his mouth that Jesus came down in flesh receives the gift of salvation from God. Is salvation that easy to attain? How about the good works that the world preaches one has to do to qualify to receive salvation?

Salvation can never be attained by our good works since our works can never be perfect in the sight of God who is Holy. The reason God sent Jesus on earth was because of the fact that no one was able to do the good works and be called righteous before God. No one can please God except through faith. Faith cries out to Holy God that we are weak but He is strong and its only through Him that we could receive deliverance and salvation.

The moment a child of God believes in his heart on God’s work of salvation, he is justified before God and the moment he confesses through his mouth that Jesus is the Lord, he is saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved . After salvation, comes the gift of the Holy Spirit that God freely gives to help and guide us. The Spirit counsels us in our time of need and make us powerful to accomplish great works for God’s kingdom.

Does the act of salvation stop once the gift of salvation has been received? No! The one who has been saved by believing and confessing becomes a new creation in Christ by being born of the Spirit. The one who is born  of the Spirit comes under the submission of the Spirit. Since it’s the spirit who gives utterance and prepares us to become Christ’ ambassador, we become accountable to the Spirit to declare to the world then we are born again. How can we do that:

1. By walking under the authority of the Spirit. – Paul says in 1Cor9 :27 , “I beat my body to bring it under complete submission“.  This is the attitude every child of God should have. “For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh” Gal5:17. Those who declare that they are born by the spirit should submit their ways to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2. By spreading the gospel – The world is still looking for ways to attain salvation. It is the responsibility of those who have received this truth to spread the good news to others. Telling others about Christ  is not easy and a  child of God should be ready for rejection. There may be many who will not like you for what you do but Be patient! Do your work and leave the rest to God, for “The word of the Lord never go waste but accomplish the purpose for which it has been sent. Isaiah55:11″

3. By interceding for others – Prayer is a powerful weapon. Jesus used it all the time to receive help from the father during his earthly ministry on earth. Being in the image of Christ, we should use this weapon regularly. Prayer is the only way to sit in the presence of God the father. As the spirit leads you, pray for others for the word of God says in James 5:16, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.

4. By giving thanks – Give thanks to the Lord for it is good. By giving thanks for everything we acknowledge God’s hand in every situation and glorify him. He is supreme and can turn any situation into a blessing for us. Just give thanks!

The act of Salvation doesn’t stop at believing in Christ and HIS works but goes beyond to enable a believer to lead a life controlled by the Holy Spirit. Salvation shines brilliantly not just through our preaching but the way we live our lives. What message are we giving to others?

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