Justification through faith

Romans 5:1, “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Justification is what makes us righteous before God. It’s a status, a position that God desires all his children to achieve. He wants everyone to be declared justified before his throne so that they could receive the blessings He has set aside for them in Christ. No one can earn this title by their good works, Its only through grace that we are called to be righteous before God.

Since our good works were not enough to bring us the blessing to be called righteous, what did God to fulfill the desire of his heart to bestow the blessings of righteousness on his children? God designed a solution for the creation that involved the creator. He sent his own son, who came down in the likeness of human, lived under sinful nature yet remained faithful. Died on the cross yet became victorious on death by his resurrection. God’s plan doesn’t need the assistance of any human hand to make it complete. It is perfect and absolute for everyone.

But God’s plan of justification remains unaffected in our lives unless we accept it by heart and confess it by mouth. It involves the active participation of both our heart and mouth. Acceptance by heart is good but the full work comes to accomplishment when we confess it by our mouth that Jesus is the Lord. He is the only one who is righteous and it is only in his righteousness that we have been called righteous.

Trusting God and on his work doesn’t come in a day or two but needs daily spiritual exercise. Our mind runs contrary to the word of God by nature and needs to be bridled to make it believe what God has done through his Son Jesus Christ. A persistent child of God disciplines his mind to “believe to see” leaving behind the old pattern of “see to believe”.  A well-disciplined mind controls the other parts of the body, bringing them in complete harmony and peace. It’s this unique peace that flows to the whole body when a child of God comes in humble submission to the Prince of Peace.

Justification and Confession prepare an army of worshippers who offer perfect praise to most High God. Our God is God of hosts who lives in the Holy of Holies. Are we able to worship the Almighty without being freed from the feeling of guilt and shame? Is a man bound by his own emotions able to praise the living God? No! Justification and confession bring a unique freedom by saving a child of God from the negative effects of guilt and shame. It brings boldness and courage to speak out the word of God in the light of the freedom. It enables a child of God to see his new identity and position in the family of God, for the one who has been justified and the one who justifies belong to the same family. What a blessing! Justification takes us from our present position to a height where we receive the blessings that father has already assigned for those who are called righteous in Christ.

Justification is easy to achieve for our elder brother Jesus has accomplished it on our behalf. It doesn’t need religious rituals nor our good works to be proved, all it needs is a humble heart that cries out before the Lord that I am worthless and lips that confess that it’s only in Jesus that salvation and power are to be found.

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