Don’t worry about tomorrow

Jesus says in Matthew 6:34, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.”

Is Jesus asking us to do something impossible? Don’t we all plan for the future and work hard to bring those plans to fruition, and during the process of planning and  implementation, worry is inevitable! Thinking about how will it happen? what if things don’t turn out the way they have been planned? Will others make fun of us  if we are not able to finish what we have started? Isn’t it all natural. The problem begins when worry and doubts take over and convince us to quit before we have even started. We don’t realize that simple planning, feeding on fear of unknown, is gradually turning into the greatest impediment to our progress.

Worry, taking its strength from the inherent fear of unknown becomes our greatest resistance to to move any further. We don’t realize that it all started with planning for the future without including the counsel of the one who is the author of our days.

Jesus is asking us to base future plans on the word, “Don’t worry”. The one who is victorious over death and reigns in the future wants us to leave behind the fear of unknown to HIM.

A robust future plan not only include time tested strategies of success but also rests on the solid foundation of the irrevocable word of God.

When the word was spoken, the power to follow it was already granted. All of us are fully equipped to do what the master is asking us to do, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” 

If we try to do the contrary by worrying about things, the effort to resist the word of God, will take up all our energy and leave us powerless. The Word is the real bread today tomorrow and forever, and we receive just our daily portion every day. God never supply more than what we need today the way Father provided Israelites with fresh manna every morning and asked them not to store anything for the future. Our God is same who wants his children to trust on HIS daily provisions. Father desires his children to hold onto the giver of the blessings and not just the blessings that He gives.

Worry induced by unknown fear doesn’t do any good to us. All it does is to shut our eyes to see the abundance of blessings that Father has granted us in Jesus. Worry is an evil weapon that block our growth by resisting us to offer sincere thanksgiving to God, The Father.

Not only that, worry robs our peace and don’t let us see the opportunities that come to us every day. When we can’t see the opportunities, how would we make good use of them to turn them into prosperity.

Worry and doubts make us quit even before we have started off.

Don’t listen to your doubts and worry. No-one has seen the future except the one who is, who was and who is to come. Jesus, the truthful witness, is asking us not to worry. How can we not pay attention to His word!

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