Faith Walk

Do you want to see your  faith working in the natural realm?

Begin with a living hope, for hope precedes faith and faith turns hope into reality.

Don’t limit your blessings by what you have seen or experienced. Believe the unexpected, walk in the unknown, and know that you are never alone.

Walking in faith is not in human nature for we walk by sight, make decisions based on our past experiences and know and speak about what we have seen. But faith, on the opposite, sees the unseen, makes decisions based on the  foundation of the word of God and walks in the realm of the promised blessings even before they arrive.



1. Believes the seen.

2. Relies on the past experiences.

3. Knows only what it has experienced, heard, seen.

4. Calls the seen and experienced world  “real”.

5. Narrow and limited.


1. Turns hope into reality.

2. Relies on its author’s experiences.

3. Makes decisions based on the solid foundation on the Word of God.

4. Not restricted by what it has seen, experienced of heard.

5. Knows no fear, no doubt, no limitations.

Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

Since human nature doesn’t believe unless it has seen, it is important to take deliberate efforts to practice faith daily in small matters so that the scope of faith enlarges to include the unseen blessings.

Our mind opposes our faith. The first step to walk in faith is to tame the mind by discipling it not to focus on the thoughts that are distracting in nature. Reading the Bible daily, meditating on the word of God, spending time in to find out the practical application of the Word in today’s life is the only way to begin walking in faith.

If you have never experienced faith walk, Ask Jesus to help you. Say this prayer:

“Lord, you are the author and finisher of my faith. I ask you to help me walk in faith. Take all distractions away from my life that are blocking my vision to see what you have in store for me. What I can never imagine and ask is what you have planned for me. I am ready to receive them. I am ready to walk in faith today and everyday. Help me!
In Jesus name Amen!

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