He giveth not the Spirit by measure

“God does not give the Spirit by measure.” (Acts 3:34)

God is the God of abundance. He is not limited by the constraints of time and space. His thoughts are higher than ours. He doesn’t decide our portion according to our acts of righteousness. He pours out the fullness of his love in all he does. It was the fullness of God’s love that brought him down in the image of his creation so that by believing in him we may be turned into his own image. It’s in the fullness of his love that he cries out, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” (John 7:37)

God gives without measure, but we try to limit our blessings by comparing them with others. We not only compare our possessions but conclude that others have more than “me” . We don’t realise that by doing so we are filling ourselves with discontentment and frustration which speaks out and declares that God is unjust.

God has a purpose and unique plan for every life and the extent of blessings one receives is in proportion to his/her responsibilities that God has assigned him. Small and great whatever one possesses, it has the same value in the sight of the Lord.

The same principle applies when God sends his spirit out to his people.

The Spirit gives us utterance and enable us to proclaim God’s word in boldness. Without the Spirit no one can declare that Jesus is the Lord. It’s the spirit that joins our spirits to testify that we have an inheritance in God’s family. It’s the Spirit that makes our prayers powerful and turn us into intercessors. It’s the Spirit that fills us with great enthusiasm and fervour to accomplish great works for the Lord. The Spirit is our helper and enables us to believe and see what God has in store for us.

The Spirit connects God with his children. It’s by the power of the spirit that we can offer perfect praise and honour to the one who is Holy and who deserves all honour, praise and Glory. The Spirit equips us with Godly strength in our time of need. The Spirit reminds us to do things that bring glory to the Father. The Spirit strengthens our inner being and enables us to stand on the promises of God. We need the Spirit generated strength every day in our lives. We can never follow Christ without being equipped with the power of the Spirit.

God, in his love, has poured out the Spirit without measure. We are fully equipped to speak and act to bring glory to the Lord. But sometimes we restrict the outflow of the Spirit by not presenting the full gospel. We speak what others love to hear and limit the Spirit given utterance that asks us to proclaim the word of God in all boldness.

It’s written that “Perfect love drives out all fear.” If you are still afraid of others and try to manipulate the word of God to please everyone, you are not prepared to handle the gospel the way Lord wants you to do. Wait upon the Lord and ask him to fill you with his spirit. Let the spirit take over and turn you into the one who proclaims the gospel of life, not to please anyone, but in all truth and sincerity for the praise of HIS glory.

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