Seek and ye shall find the Lord!

“Call to me and I will answer you”. Jer. 33:3

People seek God for different reasons with majority seeking God for his hand. They come to God when they are in need and always expect a quick answer to their prayers. They rejoice to see the fulfillment of their prayers and keep their relationship with God to the level of asking and receiving. They don’t have desire to seek his face, his ways, his law and his grace. They don’t want to get an access to the place which is beyond the curtain and where the glory of the Lord resides. They neither have hunger nor willingness to dig deep the word of God, break it in the presence of Jesus and receive the hidden manna that is not available to everyone but only to those who seek diligently.

Some people preach a way of life that is free from worries, pain, and poverty and claim that by following Jesus you will get an instant relief from all adversity and live the most luxurious lives. They claim that God never desires his people to live in pain and poverty, rather he wants everyone to have an abundance of wealth in this world.

Seeking Jesus doesn’t mean to have the most comfortable life. Jesus has neither called nor promised us to have a life which is free from all worries and pain. On the contrary, he said, “Those who want to live to Godly life will be persecuted.”

No assurance of a worry free life but an eternal promise that “I will be with you until the end of the age.” Jesus is very much willing to take the burden of your pain and suffering that you may be carrying today because of your ignorance or unwillingness to come to Christ. You may have heard about him but have never thought of coming to him to check if the embodiment of truth is truthful in your life or not. Why not do it today and see if his promises fill you with his peace or not.

The assurance is for every single day and moment and it covers all areas of your life, if you go through mighty waters of rejection and distress, his mighty word will strengthen you. Since Jesus was made to go through rejection, distress and pain, he is qualified to become a source of salvation to those who come to him in faith.

If you are thrown into the fire of affliction or pain, his peace and grace will surround you.  In the book of Daniel we read about Shadrach, Mesach, and Abedngo who  were thrown into fire but were rescued by God. But don’t dwell on the things of past. Experience the mighty power of your redeemer in your life today and this very moment and see is he is same yesterday today and forever or not.

God never lies nor his promises fail. Jesus hasn’t called people from one sect of faith or denomination but the invitation has been sent out to all, “Come to me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” There are people from different casts, creeds and races witnessing his grace and love today since they have experienced not “God of a religion” In their lives but have established “a relation with their creator”

Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you the things you know nothing about. Your creator is calling you irrespective of who you are and where have you come from. Will you answer him?

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