Don’t hold back, lengthen your cords for you will flourish!

Doubt and faith can’t go together for doubt gives birth to fear that paralyses the spiritual fervency, which is essential to bring the will and purpose of God’s heart to realization.

Faith waits for the appointed time to bring the promised blessings to reality. Child of God, safeguard your faith from the attacks of doubts and bring it to completion of time so that you may receive God’s choicest blessings. “the revelation is for appointed time and it will surely come to pass.”

Doubt gets its power from what we see, hear and experience while faith sees the unseen blessings as promised in the word of God, rejoices to hear the hope shouting in anticipation of forthcoming glory and is free from the influence of any human experience. Faith is the only way to please God. “Those who come to God must have faith that he exists and reward those who deserve it.” Heb 11:1

A doubtful person can’t perceive the world of unseen blessings. For him, his experiences become a driving force that lead his course of action. A man of faith is not confined by any experience; he goes wherever the Lord wants him to go, just as a sheep follows his shepherd. God sometimes leads his people through unknown paths and roads to strengthen their faith. Blessed are those who remain faithful during their journey through valleys and shadows of darkness for at the end they will receive their reward from the Lord.

Don’t limit your faith by looking at it through your personal experiences! Your God is limitless and his power can’t be affected by any past failure, or closed doors that you might have encountered in the past. Don’t hold back! let your mind know that your God is beyond all and your body will follow to accomplish great works for his kingdom.

Our God is God of multiplication who has keys to all the doors. He is Almighty. Let your faith grow on the ground of the rock of his word and promises and not on the sand of your experiences and limited knowledge.

Be a partaker in his limitless and he will turn your scarcity into his glorious abundance that will be too much for you to keep.


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