Only one thing is needed!

“You are worried and upset about many things but only one thing is needed.” Luke 10:42

The verse above is taken from a passage in Luke when Jesus and his disciples were passing through a village. There was a kind-hearted woman named Martha invited the Lord to come to her house.

Martha was an ordinary woman blessed with precious gifts of kindness and hospitality. She wanted the Lord to visit her so when she heard that Jesus was passing through her village, he thought of grabbing the opportunity to serve the Lord.  Martha knew that if Jesus accepts her invitation, that means extra work for her since Jesus was with his disciples, but  that didn’t bother her at all since the desire to have Jesus at her place was stronger than the burden of extra work and preparations that she had to make. Moreover she must be thinking that her sister Mary would help her to serve the Lord.

But when Jesus arrived, it was altogether different. Mary, instead of helping her sister sat the feet of the Lord and listened to what the master had to say while Martha had to bear the burden of all extra work. She got upset and started complaining to the Lord about all what she had to do.

Does it sound familiar to you? Martha had a heart for the Lord and that’s why she opened her house for him. But her love for the Lord was limited to the point of inviting him on her terms. Martha had worked hard to please the Lord and she wanted him to come to the house and be pleased to see her hard work. Sometimes, we do the same thing; we open our homes to the Lord since we have a desire to serve him but once he has accepted our invitation, we want to please him with the works of our hands, entertain him the way we plan and desire him to listen to what we have to say.

How can the one who says all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me come in our lives and not manifest his powerful presence by his divine control over our lives? We can choose to call him to come to us, but we can’t control what happens once he has arrived. Wherever the King goes, he rules.

If you have opened your heart at the voice of the Lord and made a decision to serve him, it’s great! But once the Lord has come he wants to rule and speak. He doesn’t come to appreciate the work of our hands, he comes to fill us with his presence where the word turned flesh opens himself to us and desire us to listen what he has to say!

Nothing pleases the Lord more than to see a child of God come to sit in his presence to listen. What we say in his presence does not matter, what matters is to sit at the feet of the master and learn from him when he shares from his divine word that nourishes the soul and revives the spirit. Its his word that takes all burdens away and even the hard work that is being done for the Lord seem nothing for the glory of his word overshadows everything else. Without him taking control over our lives, even the work that we do to please him will turn into burden and we will begin to complain the way Martha did.

Invite Jesus in your life, have a desire to serve him but listen what the Lord is saying to you! He may be asking you to leave your complaining nature or leaving the burden of all the work you want to do for him. He may not need all the works of your hands at all. But one thing he wants from you is your company and fellowship. Learn while quietly listening to the Lord and he will fill you up with enough strength to carry on his work for his glory.


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