Have you touched the Lord?

All those who touched him were healed. Mark 6:56

Touching the Lord brings divine healing into our lives that go beyond the physical realm, making us whole in spirit, soul and body. The blessing is for everyone,  whoever comes to him with a desire to receive. Touching the Lord is to touch his righteousness, his holiness, his favor, his flesh that has has fulfilled the written word and brought freedom to God’s children, his blood of eternal covenant that speaks, and his wholeness that declares us whole.

Touching his righteousness – Lord alone is righteousness. We have all sinned and fell short of his glory. His righteousness is what declare us righteous. We can never earn or receive the status of “righteous” before God the father. In his grace he has blessed us with blessings of not only this world but the world to come. When we declare ourselves weak and sinner and acknowledge his power to give us freedom, we take the first step in faith to share in his righteousness.

Touching his holiness – The Lord is Holy and no eye can see him. Blessed be the name of Jesus through which we gain access into the holiness and become partakers of it. The grace that has come down to us covers us to see the holy God, our creator. We don’t need to hide ourselves from the living God, since we have come to him through Jesus – the fullness of grace.

Touching his flesh – Word turned into flesh two thousands years ago and lived among us. Touching the flesh of the Lord is to get hold of the living word in faith that the word alone is powerful to save, heal and bring a change in our lives. Mere reciting the Biblical verses doesn’t do any good unless the heart is made to believe and trust of God’s promises. Go into the presence of the Lord, get hold of his word, don’t let it go despite whatever you see in physical realm and it will bring down your miracle.

Touching his blood – The blood of the Lord that was shed from the cross and has bound us into an eternal covenant with God, our father. This blood testifies that we are heirs and co-heirs with Jesus since we and him, both have the same father. The blood of covenant entitled us to receive every blessing that father has desire for us for his praise and glory.

Touching his person that is whole – The one who is who was and who is to come, mighty God, Eternal father, Price of peace, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Miraculous healer, Bright morning star, resurrected Lord – What name of Jesus do you think of when you go to him in faith. He is who is he. He will give honor to his name by fulfilling your need that made you to approach his throne.

Touching the Lord needs persistent efforts, strong determination and focus that is not wavered by your past experiences or anything else. The woman who touched Jesus and was healed had the courage to silence every voice. She focused on Jesus – the one who only could heal her. She was determined and strong enough to go through the crowd opposing her and by her persistence brought down her miracle.

Do you have the same zeal and courage? Are you looking for physical healing or material blessing? Have you been praying for long but haven’t seen the result yet? Be strong, this is the time to muster all our strength and rise up from your present situation. Shut your ears from the deception of adversity that whispers in your ears, “Your God has left you alone.” Stand firm despite all negative thoughts, emotions and past experience that is stopping you to receive your miracle. Go and touch the Lord in faith and you will be blessed, healed and made whole.


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