Law of grace

The Lord lives in his holy mountain in unapproachable lights. No eye can see and no heart can perceive his beauty. He is beyond all and in him we all find our fullness. It was the desire of his heart to make mankind in his own image and give them a portion in his treasure as a father leaves inheritance for his children. He wanted his people to come to him and share in his divine fellowship.  He sent his own son in the image of man so that by believing on his work and life, mankind may gain the eternal purpose of God’s heart to be reconciled to God the father.

The law of  righteousness erects a wall between God and his creation but his son came down to tear that wall by sacrificing his body on cross and redeemed mankind of their sins so that no one should perish but each and everyone will have eternal life. The life that can’t be attained nor be earned by any means was freely given to whoever believes in the name of Jesus.

A new law was written by the finger of the Son of God – Law of grace, that has nothing to do with what man can do for God, but what God has accomplished through his Son –  the sinless lamb of God. He was tempted to sin but never yielded to the temptation.

This old law  was defined by the Son in a way that was never perceived by mankind before. “Seek and ye shall find.” Seek the righteousness of God and find the freedom from the obligation to live by your own righteousness.

The coming of Christ has heralded a new era of freedom. Freedom from the old order to work to get God’s favour to believe and see. The new covenant introduced us to a high priest who is available to help us in our time of need. With the coming of the shepherd of our souls, the burden has been shifted from mankind to prove its righteousness to God to declare them righteous.

“Listen what the spirit says to the Churches”. Just listen – The sinless lamb stands and knocks at the door. Open the door and receive him. Not just him but also a share in his own righteousness!


Seek the lost

“For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.” Matthew 18:11

The parable of the good Samaritan begins with a man going from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was attacked by the thieves on his way that beat him, took everything he had and left him half dead. A priest was going that way but he didn’t pay any attention, a levite was going the same way but he didn’t pay attention either. Finally, a Samaritan was going who had pity on the man, he put soothing oil on his wounds, put him on his donkey and took him to an inn. Where he paid two silver coils to the inn keeper and asked him to take good care of the man. He even assured him that he would pay the rest upon his return.

The Samaritan had mercy and went above and beyond of his capacity to save the man who was lying by the road.

What gifts and talents do we have? They value nothing in the absence of mercy and compassion. God rewards those who seek him but he has a greater purpose for our lives that is to go to seek the lost. We might spend hours in prayers and Bible study every day but would it be of any use unless we feel obligated to bring those who are too weak to the Lord?  By nature, we compare and condemn others. We find ourselves either superior or inferior to others. This happens because we don’t spend time to find out our true identity in Christ. Unless we know who we have become in Christ, we can’t show genuine concern and care to others.

Knowing ourselves begins with evaluating who we were before Christ had called us. All of us were like lost sheep without any hope. We were wandering in total darkness until the savior came and showered his mercy and compassion. When Paul was saved the Lord asked him to bring people who were bound in the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. Kingdom of darkness paralyses our senses. We neither see nor hear anything in clarity. We become stubborn, and keep following the desires of our hearts without finding any peace and contentment.

And then Christ sends his message of salvation through his servants that acts like ointment. We begin to see what is happening to us and around us. We tend to get attracted to this new light, not knowing fully what it is. We see a new person taking birth inside of us. We feel hunger for the word of God that never tasted good to our taste buds earlier. We begin to realize that there is power in waiting and spending time in the presence of the Lord who is the source of all strength. We begin to lose control over our lives, and start following the direction of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We are filled with an inexpressible joy that we had never experienced despite having all material blessing.

This is called new birth in Christ that doesn’t happen unless we realize that we were lost and are found by our savior.

While we are enjoying our new birth in Christ, there are many who are still living in the Kingdom of darkness. The Lord has made us ambassadors to take the message of reconciliation to others.

Child of God!  Know your new identity in Christ. Ask the Lord to fill you with mercy and compassion for those who are lost so that the name of the Lord be glorified. Don’t wait for the lost to come on your way, go beyond your territory under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to seek the lost. Be a co-partner in God’s Kingdom!

Day of salvation

“In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee” Isaiah 49:8

The scripture is filled with verses that talk about waiting upon the Lord. Abraham waited and received the promised blessings. The people of Israel waited before they saw the Promised Land. Joseph waited patiently and at the appointed time he was made the governor of Egypt. Jesus was born at the fulfillment of the time. Son of God waited in obedience to begin his ministry on earth. Jesus will come again to bring salvation to those who have been waiting patiently. Heb. 9:28

Why does the Lord want his people to wait? Who likes to wait in this age and time? Don’t we all want to pray and get an instant answer that is in our favour. Don’t we get impatient and feel frustrated when we are asked to wait. Our human nature is not geared to wait and rightly so because God has put us within the confines of time. We are here on this earth for a limited time and before we are called to our heavenly abode, we try to accomplish many things so why the one who has control over time wants his children to wait?

The Lord has put us within finite time and space but his law says that everything has a time. Solomon in God given wisdom said in Ecclesiastes, “There is time for everything”. Day and night follow each other as per God’s command. Sun, moon and stars appear at the appointed time.

A seed sown today doesn’t turn into a tree tomorrow but needs nourishment and sunlight to make it grow. Every child of God goes through a period of trial and wait that turns him into the unique image father has destined him to turn into.

God could have created us as perfect human beings in the perfect image of Christ, but No! He created us as individuals with distinct personalities and character traits. The desire of his heart is to create one man out of all these unique men and women that proclaim his message and take it to the end of the world. Waiting turns us into witnesses. Without wait we will go out half prepared, only to come back in desperate failure.

The verse above talks about acceptable time and day of salvation. When is the acceptable time? Is today the day of salvation?

A child of God who is patiently waiting for the Lord knows when the acceptable time arrives. He doesn’t hear it from others but his spirit gives testimony. There are three that give testimony – Spirit, water and the blood and these three speak in agreement. When the acceptable time arrives, a child of God witnesses the maturity of his spiritual fruits and knows that the time has arrived to go out to bring glory to the King of Kings

The day of salvation is the day that brings a unique deliverance to the child of God. There is an abundance of peace and joy that follows. The word of God begins to refresh the soul the way it used to do when it was first accepted. Spiritual fervor is abound and a child of God filled with Godly excitement wants to run to save souls for God’s Kingdom. Day of salvation calls a child of God to proclaim salvation to others.

God is faithful. He will not let you wait forever but will soon return with reward that will refresh your soul and bring salvation to many.