Why did you doubt?

“Be still an know that I am the Lord.”

In Matthew 14, we read about Jesus walking on the water. When Peter saw Jesus walking on water, he was filled with a desire to do the same and asked Jesus to let him walk on water. Jesus asked him to come out of the boat and Peter started walking but the moment his focus turned to the raging waves and rushing waters, he started sinking and cried out, “Lord Save me.” Jesus reached out to him and said, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Why did you doubt?

Are you going through the mighty waters of pain, suffering and affliction right now? Do you feel it hard to meditate on the promises of the Lord since all you see is one failure after another? Do you feel tired of waiting for the Lord to come in answer to your prayers? Its not uncommon. All of us who have determined to follow Christ go through this phase in their lives at some point or other.

Waiting  is hard and painful and none of us want to go through it willingly, but God is not unfaithful. He has promised to be with us when we go through waters of affliction and fire of persecution. When God is with us, we, despite being in the negative situation, remain immune to its adverse effects. We remain at peace as long as we focus on HIM, but the moment we change our focus from the presence of the Lord to the mighty river of pain and suffering, we start sinking just as Peter did.

Jesus is asking us the same question, “Why did you doubt?” Don’t be doubtful about your deliverance. The one who is with you in the situation is powerful enough to take you out of this situation.

You believe in the blood of Christ that has delivered you from the burden of guilt and sin. You believe in eternal salvation and life that He has promised for those who follow Him. You are certain that He is your eternal partner. Good!

You have faith on Christ until eternity what you need to do is to develop daily faith in Christ!

Have faith that whatever you are going through, it is not beyond His saving grace. Have faith that He knows where you are and your suffering. Have full faith and trust that the same Jesus who will come to take you when you go to heaven will come to save you from this situation in this life. He will and He will for sure!

Just be still before the Lord. Use your authority to kill the raging storm of distress and frustration that is forcing you to tear down and give up. Be still and don’t say anything under the influence of the negative power that is trying to overtake you. Be still and know that the Lord will come to rescue you the way He rescued Peter. You need to be still before the Lord and everyone including yourself will know that your God is mighty God!


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