The glory of the Lord shall be revealed!

“Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed.” Isaiah 40:4-5

The glory of the Lord awaits the appointed time to be revealed. The period of wait can be longer or much shorter than we had anticipated. We have a choice to make during this time – either be filled with frustration and anger or be quiet under the influence of the Holy spirit and wait for the Lord to come. 

Those of us who choose to wait upon the Lord can pray during this time to get strength of the Lord and by His power get encouraged to speak the word of God to let the surroundings know that our God is an everlasting God who always fulfills His promises. 

The delay in the fulfillment of promises seems hard and it fills us with bitterness and anger. Some of us grumble not to see the result of our prayers. Some fall back and declare that the Lord has abandoned them. But some persist and despite tears and pain, keep up the courage and at the end see the Glory of the Lord in answer to their prayers.

Our rise and fall in faith journey is directly proportional to the depth of the penetration of the seed of word into the ground of our hearts. The deeper the word of God sinks into our hearts, the longer we remain in the Lord. If the ground is shallow and not dug deep enough by the sword of the word, we tend to leave our faith the moment persecution begins in our lives. Unless we have experienced the saving grace of the word in our time of need, we become victim of the negative feelings and move here and there by the shifting winds of adversity.

But the Lord is faithful. He has promised a time of refreshment and deliverance into our lives!

Once the word of God has accomplished the purpose of God’s heart in our lives, the Spirit begins to fill us with greater strength and faith to move forward and we diligently start preparing a way for the Lord by raising very valley, making every mountain and hill low, and every rough ground and rugged place a plain.

We destroy every difference to establish peace among us to make perfect ground for the glory of the Lord to be revealed. We tame every thought that raises itself against the knowledge of the Lord. We begin to work hard to keep the peace in our families. We work together with the Lord through Jesus Christ to make a place for the new blessings to be poured into our lives.

The Lord values unity. His blessings flow where there is unity.

How good it is when the brothers live together in harmony and peace. This is where the Lord has promised His blessings!

The Glory of the Lord is eagerly awaiting the appointed time but we have an obligation that is not to waste the waiting period in frustration and anger but to utilize it to seek peace and make a perfect ground for God’s blessings to be revealed.

Have you been waiting for the Lord’s glory to shine in your life? Have you tried hard but yet to see success on your way? Have you been praying for long without any answer?

Look around. See if there are any differences in your life. Do you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to leave a habit or a practice you have been involved with? Are you resisting the inner voice that says make amendments with those who are ready to fight with you every time you open your mouth? Do you have to forgive someone and are you carrying the guilt of un-forgiveness for long?

Follow what the Lord is asking you to do. Follow God’s way to deal with differences in your life and the Lord will send His Glory in abundance that will turn into blessings for you and your family.

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