Walking with Christ

When we begin to walk with the Lord, we tend to think that the Lord leads the way while we quietly follow Him, but there are instances in the Bible where the Lord showed His love by walking with His people or guiding them from behind.

The Lord chooses to walk with us, ahead of us or behind us, based on our eagerness to listen to His mighty voice that is powerful enough to break yet gentle enough to heal every wound.

Walking with us – When we first learn to listen to the voice of the Lord, His Holy presence surrounds us with immeasurable layers of love and compassion. God knows that we are made of dust and its His divine presence and grace that can only turn us into mighty vessels ready to be used for His glory.

Our walk is governed by getting specific instructions from the Lord. He gently holds us, like a baby, and teaches us along the way the art to walk with Him. We call our Heavenly Father  and the answer arrives instantly. We pray for small and big things and receive them even before we open our mouth to ask. We cry and the Lord comes to spread His mighty arms around to wrap us in the vast expense of His love and care.

“Behold, I am with you until the end of the age.” says the Lord. If you have yet to begin to walk in the unknown territories, don’t be afraid for the Lord himself will be your mighty companion. The one who knows the past, present and future will protect you by His divine presence. Don’t delay. Begin your journey in Jesus’ name today! You are destined to become a success for His glory and Kingdom.

Walking behind us – Once you have practised walking with the Lord, listening to Him intently and letting Him guide you, there comes a season when the Lord begins to hide Himself.

You look for Him by your side but don’t find Him. You tend to feel that the work of the Lord is too much to accomplish and you have little strength. You look around but don’t see His hand actively involved in your works the way, it used to be. You feel frustrated and declare that the Lord is not with you.

Stop for a moment to reflect upon your spiritual journey. Where have you started my friend? Do you see yourself progressing in spiritual life? Does the word give you a new meaning that had never been revealed before? Do you sense a special peace amidsr the storms of life? If yes, then the Lord has not left you alone. He has made Himself temporarily unseen so that your spiritual muscles may grow and in His Mighty power you may declare that “I will do greater works with the power of the Lord who so wonderfully works in me.”

During this phase of life, your faith and confession will work together to bring new things  to your life. You may not see change in your circumstances but you will know with experience that your inner man is getting strength and wisdom to rise and fight against the forces of darkness. You will begin to realise that your life is to fight and claim great victories for the Lord. You will know that you have already stepped into the battle field. You will know that you are strong enough to offer scarifies to the Lord, while the Lord is watching you from behind, rejoicing to see that you are leading a victory procession in Christ. 

Be courageous! You are on your way to claim a life that is more than victorious in the power of the risen Lord.

Walking ahead of us – The life of a soldier is hard but with God everything is possible. Once you have fought your battles, the presence of the Lord comes to rescue and take you out of the situation according to His promises, “Every warrior’s boot used in battle
and every garment rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel for the fire. Isaiah 9:5

The presence of the wonderful counsellor, mighty God, eternal father, prince of peace will overshadow all phases of your life. You will know with experience whom you follow and who captivates your heart. You wont run after anything or anyone except for the Lord.

Your soul will not find rest except in His presence. You will find yourself getting into a covenant relationship of love with your creator. You will be able to testify that you have not only heard but have seen that the Lord is moving ahead of you. You will gain divine strength to follow the Lord to proclaim His word that has been made perfect in your life.

By looking intently at the Lord walking ahead of you in all His might, you will begin to turn into the mighty image that the father has engraved onto His palms. You will know that you are special and have life in all its fullness, in this world and the world to come.