Vally of dry bones

In Ezekiel 37, the Spirit of the Lord took Ezekiel to the middle of a valley which was full of bones. He led him back and forth among the very dry bones.

The Spirit of the Lord leads us to places to accomplish great works for his praise and glory. When the Spirit leads, we may not fully understand God’s purpose but if we take the first step in obedience, the Lord begins to reveal His plan into our lives. Often times, people ask this question, “How do I know if this is the Lord who is leading me and not my own desire?” The answer is if this is the Spirit of the Lord who is leading you, you will not feel  being pushed from anywhere. The Spirit of the Lord never forces but speaks from the back, “This is the way, follow it.”

The Lord works through your desire in accordance with His divine will and purpose and  you will feel freedom while walking on His way. You will not have fear to loose anything. You will have the assurance that if it is the Lord who has begun His work in you, He will bring it to completion. You will not be concerned with the outcome of your work for the Lord will make everything work together for His honour and glory.

This knowledge comes with experiencing God in daily life and walking in daily obedience. The more you become sensitive to the voice of the Lord, the more God will use you to accomplish great works for His glory.

Ezekiel had experienced God in his daily life. He knew with full assurance that it is the Lord who is leading him to the valley of dry bones so he went in child-like obedience.

The leading of the Spirit has a purpose behind every move that we take in obedience. The Spirit led Ezekiel to move back and forth to know the dryness of the bones, likewise the Lord’s Spirit might take you to places where there is dryness, brokenness, drought and famine, not to discourage you but to let you know that you are his chosen vessel to bring restoration.

Don’t be afraid or disheartened if  you witness things that are not pleasing to your soul. You have been brought into this place as light and what you are going to do will strengthen your faith and glorify the name of your God.

When Ezekiel was in the middle of the valley, the Lord asked him, “Can these bones live?”

God works in accordance with the fullness of our faith. Since we are human, we move back and forth in our faith journey. If the Lord has brought you to a place, He will still not begin His work unless He has checked the temperature of your faith.

God can’t work through you if you don’t cling to the Lord to remain in Godly faith. Fill yourself with His word so that you may remain in the faith that is needed to accomplish the purpose of God’s heart. 

Your obedience will bring you to the place which needs restoration but its your faith that will bring restoration for God’s glory. The Lord asked Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?’ In response Ezekiel said, “Sovereign Lord, you alone know.” Ezekiel gave a reply that reflects his total submission to the Lord. He called God, “Sovereign Lord” which shows his complete trust on God to do anything. Once the Lord has checked the degree of Ezekiel’s faith, He was ready to accomplish great works through his servant.

Remain in faith and also in obedience. Move in the direction of God’s will and He will accomplish great works through you and in you.

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