Effect of righteousness

The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. Isaiah 32:17

The Holy Spirit is encouraging by the word of God that righteousness that is acceptable before the Lord is of great value both for the one who receives it and those who come in contact with the person who has been declared righteous by the Lord.

How can we be called righteous before the Lord? God is Holy who dwells in unapproachable lights. No eye can see Him nor can anyone understand His ways and thoughts. He is above all and in Him all have found their fulfillment. He is the head and in Him all things hold together.

How can we gain the status of righteous before such Mighty God who is powerful, the one speaks and creation takes place?

Abraham trusted God and was called righteous before the Lord.

Are you at peace despite being in the middle of storms in your life? Can you trust the word of God that says “Even though you go through the  waters or the fire, I will be with you”

If you are able to convince  your rebellious nature that is constantly questioning you “why?” then you are already on the path of righteousness. If you know how to quiet yourself by cutting the rebellious nature by the word of God, then you have already achieved the status of “righteous” before the Lord.

Your righteousness will shine forth and others will see the divine peace of God that passes all understanding. People will wonder how this person, despite being in the midst of storm in life, can be at peace and rest.

People will wonder and praise God for His great works in your life. They will be encouraged to come and know your God who gives such confidence and victory to His people. You will become a living epistle without even opening your mouth to preach the word of God. Such a man is declared righteous before the Lord.

Strive to receive righteousness that comes from the one who has created heaven and earth. Once you have received it, people will start noticing that there is something special about this man of God. They will be attracted to the God that you serve.

Your righteousness will go ahead of you and bring many to the feet of cross before you go out to work for the Kingdom!



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