Our daily life

Christian life is based on the promises of God that brings its fulfillment on the completion of time on a daily basis.

The word of God comes down daily as fresh manna to strengthen the soul of a believer. The spirit manifests the will of God daily into the lives of those who are waiting upon the directive of the Holy Spirit to move forward. Jesus comes down daily to prepare the first food of the day to strengthen us in body, soul and spirit.

Christ has called us to live a life that receives daily assignments from the Lord and seeks daily strength to complete them for His glory.

The Lord opens our ears daily to hear His voice. God renews His mercies daily to freshen our soul and revive our spirit. We have a daily obligation to feed our soul and body to make them fulfil the work God has kept for us. We need to spend time every day in the presence of the Lord to cultivate bond of relationship. We need to practise to beat our flesh daily to bring it into complete submission. We should use our spiritual gifts daily to glorify the name of the Lord in us and through us.

We, sometimes, find gaps in our lives and blame God not knowing that when the gaps started appearing in our life, that was the time when we stopped making daily sacrifices to please the Lord. If we are careful enough to live a Godly life daily, we will see ourselves turning into a fruitful wine that grows and brings spiritual nourishment to many for the Kingdom of God.

Our enemy works hard every day to steal our  daily grace and strength so that we may not accomplish God’s daily plan in our lives. Being Christians we are in a battle and have to fight daily by declaring our victory over the plan of the enemy.

In our faith journey, there will be occasions when we feel greatly encouraged and enthusiastic to work for the Lord. Then there arrives a time when we feel extremely down and weak in the spirit. Spirit feels weak when we are surrounded by powerful spiritual forces that come to steal our salvation and joy. As vigilant children of God we should be careful not to look at the seen but run into the presence of the unseen to get spiritual strength and come back to our position in Christ.

A life that moves around Jesus by looking at His promises on a daily basis can’t be overcome by any forces of evil. Work hard on a daily basis to guard your salvation. Work hard on a daily basis to strengthen your spiritual muscles. Work hard on a daily basis to bring new prosperity into your life.

Life is not easy but with God given strengthen on a daily basis it is victorious in Christ.

Father God, Let your Holy Spirit fill me up with faith that pleases you. In Jesus name, Amen!