How to receive promised blessings?

Every perfect blessing that comes down from above doesn’t move unless certain conditions have been met.

We hear sermons on keeping the faith in every situation, speaking the word over our adverse situations and proclaiming the promises of God into our lives in order to receive promised blessings, but all that effort wouldn’t work unless we remove doubts from our hearts.

Doubts are like small pebbles that get accumulated the moment we begin to shift our focus from the promise giver to the promised blessings. Christians talk a lot about promised blessings and some of us think that talking about them  will bring them from spiritual to physical realm. This is partially true, speaking about our blessings is important but more important is focussing on the goodness of God and proclaiming the works of His hands more than talking about promised blessings.

When Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” He actually meant to bless us beyond our imaginations and expectations. We don’t realize that just by following this verse can open the treasures of heaven and earth for us and can bring down so much into our lives that we wont have enough space to keep.

When we focus more on the work of God, our mind doesn’t care much about the worldly blessings. By training our mind to focus on the work of God, we prepare our minds to focus on God’s salvation in every situation and our mind starts turning into a dwelling place of the most High where His salvation dwells.

The blessings that come from above cannot reside in a place that doesn’t have God’s peace in it. When God created Adam, he had already created perfect place for him to live, move and dwell likewise we cant receive our promised blessings (in flesh) unless we have prepared a perfect place for them to dwell.

If your faith journey is filled with pebbles of doubts, the promised blessings wont move into your life. Work hard to remove the doubts so that blessings may flow. “Fill every valley and level every mountain and then the glory of the Lord will be revealed.”

Are you praying for new blessings? Ask God to send His Holy Spirit and Word to clear all doubts out of your heart so that a perfect room be prepared to receive the perfect blessings.