Taste the peace of God today!

The Lord is the creator of heaven and earth. He has created everything to bring his glory and renown known to mankind so that the creation may know about the creator by looking at the works of his hands.

The world is full of Lord’s glory. Heaven and earth declare that He could do what no-one can. He is the source of all. He created us in our mothers womb. He created birds of the air, animals that graze of the surface of earth and the fish of the sea. He provides food for his creation. HE desires His children to have fellowship with Him so that they may know more about their creator.

Those of us who believe in His existence or those who may not believe in his existence, both have a desire deep inside their hearts to know who created them.We may keep ourselves busy in our daily lives but the desire to know our heavenly father never leaves us.

People in ancient days used to travel and live in caves to know about their creator. In this age and time, there are still those who desire to have a relation with their creator.But the question is who can tell us about the one who is invisible. And how would we know if what is being told to us is true or not. Who has all this knowledge?

God sent his son to the earth so that those who believe in him may not parish but have everlasting life.  There may be many prophets and preachers but one saviour whose name is Jesus. He came down into the image of most High God to enable us to know about the most High Go. Those who accept Him know and can experience the peace that is beyond all human understanding.The peace that Jesus gives  is everlasting, meaning it remains in all situations. It never leaves not forsakes for it has its origin in heaven not on earth.

If you want to experience this unique peace, Jesus has already sent out the invitation, “Come unto me all yo heavy laden and I will give you rest. ”

If you want to receive the peace just accept the invitation and say Jesus I receive your peace, come inside my heart.Once you have spoken it , you will see a difference in your life. Try it today!

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