Don’t lose your hope

Hebrews 11: 6, “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever comes to Him must believe that He God exists and rewards those who seek Him earnestly.”

Faith is what enables us to see God even when the life circumstances and situations dictate just the opposite. We may not be seeing anything but the faith empowers us by connecting us with our creator in such a powerful way that we become His extension and start seeing things from His perspective.

Faith needs time to cultivate and grow. We need to speak the word of the Lord to strengthen our faith. Its our testimony and the blood of the lamb that shatters all the fiery arrows of the enemy and enable us to stand firm in all situations on the solid ground of the promises of God. Speaking the promises of God is extremely important as our senses need to hear the word of the Lord spoken out loud. When out ears hear the word of the Lord more often than the deception of the enemy, they focus on the word of God ignoring all the deception. Every time, the enemy comes to steal your joy, speak the word of the Lord to cut the power of the enemy and eventually the deception will leave your life. And the truth shall prevail.

The more we focus on the truth that is found at the cor of the word of God, the more we make ourselves free from the deception of the enemy for the Bible says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

When we exercise the weapon of the word of God over the deception of the enemy, we glorify God and our trust deepens in Him.

But sometimes, it happens that those of us who have been waiting for a very long period of time begin to lose hope and think that they may never receive the answer to their prayers. They start compromising with their situation and believe that they may not see any change in their situation.

This is the lie of the enemy, who wants to steal our reward that comes to those who seek the Lord earnestly. The verse above says that we must not only believe on the existence of God but also on the promise that we will get our reward from the Lord.

If you have been praying for long without seeing any result and it seems that you are going to lose your hope. Stop for a moment, call Jesus, the author and finisher of  faith. Ask Him to send His grace that will renew your hope so that you may see and receive your reward.

Don’t lose hope. You have waited long enough and now the time has arrived to receive your reward from the father. Receive it in the name of Jesus today!

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