The King of Glory has arrived!

God has called his people to live and dwell in His divine presence. If anything or anyone tries to take the presence of the Lord from his people’s life, the Lord himself stands firm to bring his people back to his sheepfold. Bible tells us that one sheep is lost, the shepherd searches for the lost one until he has found him and when the sheep is found, the shepherd rejoices and carries the sheep on his shoulders to bring it back to the sheepfold.

Often times we, even though we are in Christ, lose focus and start following the desires of our hearts. In this pursuit we don’t realise that we are actually going away from the sheepfold of the Lord who desires that his people live and dwell and have their food in the protective covering of the most High God. God knows that the moment his children go out of his protective covering, they will be attacked so he desires his children not to go out of the shelter that the Lord has prepared for them.

Once a child of God is away from the shelter of the most High God, he makes himself subject to the situations and circumstances that the Lord never wanted his children to go through. Prodigal son went away from the Lord and started losing the treasure and inheritance that the Lord bestowed upon him in his love and care.

But the Lord that we serve is loving and in his divine love and merciful. His love fills the whole universe from heaven to earth. Nothing is impossible with God. Bible says that its not us who loved God first but God loved us first. Bible says, “the one who has given his Son, will he not freely give us all things?”

God’s love surrounds us even when we go out from His presence. He sends his mighty voice to rescue us. He fabricates new desires in our hearts to get reconnected with our Lord and creator. When the Prodigal son had lost everything, he started thinking that he was better off at his father’s place. Likewise, those who go away from God’s presence know how precious God’s covering was and they are filled with deep longing to be in God’s mighty protection again.

When the children of God pour out their heart to the shepherd of their soul, the King of Kings comes to rescue them from the shackles of the enemy. His mighty voice brings God’s children back into the mighty dwelling of most High God.

When the Lord brings his people back into his presence, he blesses them with new authority, new covering and renewed power. The prodigal son didn’t receive any rebuke from the father for being away from Him, on the contrary, he received a new robe, sandals and a ring, which signify new authority, new zeal to announce the good news of salvation and renewal of the covenant between God and His children that has been sealed by the blood of Christ.

If you have been away from the Lord, Pour your heart to the Lord for He is standing at the door to rescue you and bring you back to his sheepfold. Call and receive your deliverance for the King of Glory  has arrived.


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