You are the house of prayer

Luke 19: 45-46, “And He entered the temple area and began to drive out those who sold. saying to them, “It is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer but you have made it a den of robbers.”

The zeal for your house consume me, O’ Lord!

Jesus had the zeal for the house of God. When he entered into the temple area, he saw people selling cattle and doing other business. The Lord was filled with anger for his house and made a whip of cord. He drove those who were doing business in the temple and told them that “my house shall be called a house of prayer.”

It is written that we the temple of most High God. Our bodies are the temple of God. We have been created in the image of God who has put his own breath inside of our nostrils. He gave us a helper to those who come to the Lord in faith. The helper is the mighty Spirit that enables us to lead a Christ centred life. The Spirit reminds us the word of God so that we may remain in Jesus, who is the Word turned into flesh. The Spirit brings to us the love of God when we feel insecure. The Spirit of God reminds us our relationship with God our creator when we feel alone. The Spirit of God encourages us to go out to fulfil the great commission, when we feel without purpose in our lives.

With the image of God in us and the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit over our lives, we are precious in the sight of the Lord. The Lord can’t see us occupied with distractions that hinder our prayer life. Jesus is same yesterday, today and forever. What he did 2000 years ago when he was on earth, he is doing even today in your life and my life.

If the Lord notices distractions and forces that try to steal our identity as the house of the most High God, the Lord will come with authority and whip of cord to drive out those forces to rescue us.

You are the child of God whom he calls, “His house”. If there are distractions in your life that are not letting you to pray since the house of the Lord is the house of prayer, ask Jesus to come in authority to drive all those forces out so that you could pray.

Our God is jealous God who can’t see anything or anyone come between us and our daily communion “prayer” with God. He will come to rescue you if you just call.

You are the house of prayer. You are precious in the sight of the Lord. Call Him today!


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