I stand at the door and knock

Jesus says, “I stand at the door at knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I come in and eat with him and he with me.”

Jesus knocks at the closed doors. We may have many doors open for Jesus in our lives but there may be some doors that are secretly closed to the Lord.

May be we think that one or two closed doors don’t make a difference in our relationship with the Lord. May be we think that we are walking with the Lord and doing his work diligently so its OK to have one door closed to him.

The closed door could be in our personal life, family life, career, the way we spend our time or the way we treat others. There may be something else that we are hiding from the Lord, knowing or unknowingly.

The Lord is looking at the closed door. In fact he is waiting for that closed door to be opened so that he could come inside to bless you. You may have be living the most luxurious and comfortable life with closed doors but what you are not aware of is that the Lord has thought of a different blessing for you, something that you could never imagine, something that you never thought of. And the only way to receive that special blessing is to open the closed door.

Don’t justify your walk with the Lord by the amount of work you are doing for his kingdom. Your multiplication lies behind the closed door that has been closed for many years.

It may be hard for you to open the door now, since its been closed for a long time. You may need to change certain things in your life, but if the Lord is knocking at the door, Open it!

Don’t delay to open the door. The Lord is waiting so are your special blessings that are standing behind the closed door!

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