God is good and His goodness endures forever

“God is good and his goodness endures forever.” Bible reminds us about the goodness of God that is everlasting!

God is everlasting in nature and so are His mercies and grace that flow abound into the lives of those who come to him in humble submission. We see God’s goodness in our lives everyday by considering the works of his hands. Sun and moon and stars are created by his glory, in his glory and for his glory. When we look at the works of the hands of the Lord, we are filled with an awesome reverence for the Lord who has created such great universe.

We look at the vastness of the sky and upon comparing ourselves find out that we stand no where in the midst of such great wonders. This is where the mercy of the Lord comes to remind us that we have been created in the image of the creator. Not only that, the creator has imparted his own power into our lives by his word.

Jesus, the Son of God, is the manifestation of the word of God that has turned into flesh. Through his life and resurrection, Jesus has granted us access into the place of grace. When we stand in the place of grace and ask God to fulfil his promises in our lives, we receive the answer, “Doesn’t matter how many promises God has made, they are all yes and amen in Jesus.”

Since we have boldness through Jesus Christ to receive the promised blessings, we can rejoice in the presence of the Lord, shouting out-loud, “God is good and his goodness endures forever.”



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