The Lord is my builder

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the workers, work in vain”.

The Lord is the supreme builder. He alone knows the perfect specifications of every building that he wants to build for his praise and glory. The Lord has assigned workers to go out and work for him but “how” the Lord is going to work in the lives of his vessels belong to him and him alone.

When the Lord sends out workers to work for his kingdom, he may not reveal his plan in its entirety but begins by giving short specific instructions. Once we have proved our faithfulness to the voice of the Lord and have done everything for his glory, the Lord reveals the next level of his plan that brings abundance of blessings to the worker.

We are God’s temple created in the image of God. We are God’s temple that is built not on the foundation of someone’s good works but on the love and promises of God. We are the living stones that fit into God’s Holy temple with other saints and Jesus himself as our chief cornerstone.

God lives in His house through his holy spirit that has been given to us with the fullness and grace and truth. There are three that make God’s temple – Holy Spirit, Grace and Truth. Since Jesus is our chief cornerstone, we have fullness of grace and truth. Holy Spirit that dwells in us empowers our inner-man and gives us utterance so that we may offer perfect praise and honour to the living God.

Believe that you are God’s temple created for his praise and glory. Claim that this temple is beautiful and glorious. Claim that you, as the house of most High God, is protected in the name of Jesus. Claim that you, as the house of God, has the fullness of truth, grace and the Holy Spirit.

God loves his dwelling place and anyone or anything that rise against the temple of God, stands against God.

You are God’s dwelling place built by God alone. You are precious!



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