Renew your strength today!

“Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Waiting upon the Lord is never a waste of time. In our faith journey we sometimes compare our walk with others, we tend to compare our blessings with others and conclude that those who have more, are better believers than others.

We judge by what we see. Our definition of blessing is limited to what seems good to our eyes. We think that a blessing merely mean worldly wealth, good health, happy family, good spouse, and great job.

Those who are single, they think that since they are not married, that could mean that  the Lord is not happy with them or they must have done something wrong or may be its the result of the sins committed by their parents or forefathers.

Those who are unemployed think that the Lord doesn’t want to bless them financially. Sometimes, this negative thinking goes to the extent that those who lack anything in their lives, begin to compromise with their situations and forget all about the promises of God. They think what has not happen so far, will not happen in future. Such negative feeling and attitude steals the “eager expectation” and hope out of lives.

It is written, “Christ in us, the hope of Glory.”

We are here to pray in faith and start living in “eager expectation” for the things to come. We are not supposed to quench the zeal to receive new blessings, doesn’t matter how long the wait seems to be!

Wait might seem a waste of time to some but the LORD uses this phase of our lives to renew our strength. He prepares us to see and receive the new blessings.

Are you waiting for long and nothing seems to be moving? Have you waited enough and are going to lose your hope? Wait! Just ask the Lord to send his grace to wait. Ask the Lord to renew your hope that is found not in creation but in the Son of God. “Christ in me, the hope of Glory.”

Waiting upon the Lord is not a waste of time. The Lord is renewing your strength so that you could see and receive his mighty works and proclaim  how great your God is!



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