Bible Study

Rejoice in the Lord always!


Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always, Again I say rejoice.”

Paul was writing to the congregation of Philippians urging them to rejoice in the Lord.

The world may rejoice in their material possessions but the believers rejoice in the LORD. The world may rejoice to see the abundance of their possessions but the believers rejoice to see the LORD in all situations.

The believers walk by faith while the world walks by sight. The believers rejoice when there is no reason to rejoice since the Lord fills them with his grace that enables them to see the Lord in all situations.

The grace that has come down to us through Jesus Christ is the greatest blessing that believers receive when they come to the Lord. The grace, like a covering, keep the soul, body and spirit of a believer safe from every worldly and spiritual shock and attack. Those who are covered with grace can endure anything and go through everything that come on their way. Grace enables a believer to focus on the author and finisher of faith Jesus Christ, even in the midst of a storm. Grace not only saves a believer, but also empowers him to walk in the precious salvation every single moment of his lives.

Its the Grace that covered the earlier believers so much that they were ready to die for Christ instead of renouncing their faith in him. Its the Grace that we all need in our Christian walk. Grace provides a protected place to a believer where the believer may enjoy life in all its abundance even though he may be in the midst of a fiery furnace or mighty storm.

Grace Keeps us safe in Christ!

Its the Grace that enables us to rejoice in the LORD.

Let’s approach the throne of Grace and ask the Lord to fill us with the abundance of his grace so that we may rejoice in Him always!


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