Attributes of the Resting Spirit

Isaiah 11: 1-2,”There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit. And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of the knowledge and the fear of the Lord.”

The above verses are spoken for our Lord and Saviour who came down from heaven onto this earth to fulfil the great purpose of God’s heart to reconcile mankind to Himself. When Adam sinned we went away from the creator, But it was not in God’s plan that His children whom he created in His own image remain separated from Him for ever. It was to accomplish the act of reconciliation that God, the father sent down his only Son so that whoever believe on Him shall not parish but have everlasting life.

When God reconciled mankind to Himself according to his plan and purpose, He gave a gift to His children so that they may walk in the newness of life. This gift is the Holy Spirit. The verse above talks about the fruits of the Spirit that God the Father gave to His Jesus Christ and through Him to anyone who is willing to come to Him in faith.

There are 7 attributes of the Spirit of the Lord:

The Spirit of the Lord shall rest – The resting Spirit of the Lord is what we need in order to hear God’s voice and know his divine and definite purpose for our lives. The resting Spirit works in accordance with out faith. When we acknowledge that Jesus is the Prince of Peace and its only in Him that peace and strength are to be found, we open a door for the peace and rest of the Lord to enter into our lives. if you want to receive the peace and rest of the Lord, say to Jesus, “Lord, I submit myself to your peace. Let your peace that surpasses all understanding reign in me and enable me to stand in you.” Once the prayer is done, the prince of peace will take over the situation you are going through and will start operating in your life by covering you with His peace and rest.

Spirit of Wisdom and understanding – Wisdom and understanding work together in the presence of the Lord. Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If you need Godly wisdom and the understanding to work in you, ask the Lord to enable you to walk in His fear, and give you the discernment to understand how and when to use Godly wisdom for His glory.

Spirit of Counsel and Might – The Spirit brings comfort in our lives by counselling us in our time of need. Upon receiving the Spirit of Counsel, we become able to encourage others not in our own power but in the mighty strength of God Himself.

Spirit of Knowledge and the fear of the Lord – The more we know God, our creator and His Son Jesus Christ, the more we feel secure since the knowledge of the Lord fills us with Godly fear. The more we know about God, our creator and His Son Jesus Christ, the more we will be filled with His love. Bible says, “Perfect love drives out all fears.” Ask the Lord to fill you with a desire to know more about Him and His love. Godly love will keep you secure all the days of your lives.

May the Spirit of the Lord rest upon each one of us today and  may we be filled with all the fruits and attributes of the resting Spirit of the Lord and become able to walk in His presence all the days of our lives.


Fear of the Lord

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Prov. 9:10

The fear of the Lord doesn’t mean to be afraid of God nor it means to run away from him thinking that  He is the mighty creator while we are his lowly creation.  Our lack of knowledge turns our fear of the Lord into a wall of separation between him and us. Fear of the Lord doesn’t mean that God, the creator and his creation stand on two different grounds.Christ came to demolish the wall of separation and by his death and resurrection, we have been seated with him in higher places. The two have become one. Where there is oneness, there is the fullness of joy and freedom and in the presence of perfect love, there is no fear.

Fear of the Lord is different from how we define fear in human terms. Fear of the Lord makes us deeply rooted in God by strengthening our relation with Him through Christ. It is to remain in the awe inspiring presence of the heavenly one. It is to come and remain in the fullness of the one who is Holy and Almighty.

Have you ever experienced the unique fullness that the presence of the Lord brings when we empty ourselves before his throne? Have you ever felt the urgency to fall down in the midst of his divine glory where there is no place for you and me but for HIM alone who is worthy of all honour and praise and glory!

In the divine anointing a child of God cries out and acknowledges his true identity in Christ. He reveals the mysteries of the gospel that have been unknown even to the one who is uttering those mysteries.

Fear of the Lord brings brokenness and fullness at the same time. Fear of the Lord fills us with a unique thirst to know our saviour and creator more and more every day. Fear of the Lord makes us whole by filling us with Godly knowledge and pure wisdom that come from above. Fear of the Lord opens our eyes to witness the divine power at work in the midst of God’s creation. Creation begin to position itself in the right place in the life of a child of God who lives in reverent fear of the most High. Mountains claps, rivers shout for joy and the ground count itself blessed to see a blessed child of God.

Those who fear the Lord know no fear. Those who remain in the presence of the Lord walk in the freedom of the spirit and know that there is liberty and equality for everyone. They love themselves as they love others. They know that being God’s unique creation, there is an obligation, that is to honour God by positioning themselves at the right place.

Fear the Lord and remain fearless in all situations!