Salvation! What next?

Everyone who believes in his heart and confesses with his mouth that Jesus came down in flesh receives the gift of salvation from God. Is salvation that easy to attain? How about the good works that the world preaches one has to do to qualify to receive salvation?

Salvation can never be attained by our good works since our works can never be perfect in the sight of God who is Holy. The reason God sent Jesus on earth was because of the fact that no one was able to do the good works and be called righteous before God. No one can please God except through faith. Faith cries out to Holy God that we are weak but He is strong and its only through Him that we could receive deliverance and salvation.

The moment a child of God believes in his heart on God’s work of salvation, he is justified before God and the moment he confesses through his mouth that Jesus is the Lord, he is saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved . After salvation, comes the gift of the Holy Spirit that God freely gives to help and guide us. The Spirit counsels us in our time of need and make us powerful to accomplish great works for God’s kingdom.

Does the act of salvation stop once the gift of salvation has been received? No! The one who has been saved by believing and confessing becomes a new creation in Christ by being born of the Spirit. The one who is born  of the Spirit comes under the submission of the Spirit. Since it’s the spirit who gives utterance and prepares us to become Christ’ ambassador, we become accountable to the Spirit to declare to the world then we are born again. How can we do that:

1. By walking under the authority of the Spirit. – Paul says in 1Cor9 :27 , “I beat my body to bring it under complete submission“.  This is the attitude every child of God should have. “For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh” Gal5:17. Those who declare that they are born by the spirit should submit their ways to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2. By spreading the gospel – The world is still looking for ways to attain salvation. It is the responsibility of those who have received this truth to spread the good news to others. Telling others about Christ  is not easy and a  child of God should be ready for rejection. There may be many who will not like you for what you do but Be patient! Do your work and leave the rest to God, for “The word of the Lord never go waste but accomplish the purpose for which it has been sent. Isaiah55:11″

3. By interceding for others – Prayer is a powerful weapon. Jesus used it all the time to receive help from the father during his earthly ministry on earth. Being in the image of Christ, we should use this weapon regularly. Prayer is the only way to sit in the presence of God the father. As the spirit leads you, pray for others for the word of God says in James 5:16, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”.

4. By giving thanks – Give thanks to the Lord for it is good. By giving thanks for everything we acknowledge God’s hand in every situation and glorify him. He is supreme and can turn any situation into a blessing for us. Just give thanks!

The act of Salvation doesn’t stop at believing in Christ and HIS works but goes beyond to enable a believer to lead a life controlled by the Holy Spirit. Salvation shines brilliantly not just through our preaching but the way we live our lives. What message are we giving to others?


How does God deal with Sin?

2 Cor. 21, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”.

Sin is replicative in nature. One act of sin calls for subsequent acts of the similar nature because of the momentary gratification it produces.

The effect of sin was one man sinned so all were called sinners since all inherited the sinful nature. What is Sin? Sin is simply not doing the good that we know to do. In other words it is the deliberate resistance to the urge to do good. Is there any logical explanation why we don’t do what we know is good and instead choose just the opposite? This is how sin works, it paralyses our discernment and blocks our vision.

What God did to deal with the disease of sin? He designed a solution that again is replicative in nature “Righteousness of God”. He brought himself down to the level of sinful men and became a part of the problem by sharing the sinful nature so that men may share in his righteousness. It’s easy to deal with the problem being a spectator but the challenge is to walk through it and work out a solution. When men were unable to do good, God became a part of the weakness of men by putting himself under sinful nature so that He could deliver those who come to him in faith.

We identify ourselves with those who have been through similar circumstances as we face. This is what God did. He planned a remedy to deal with sinful nature by being a part of sin, so that when tempted to sin, we may not rely on our own strength but know that strength is available from the one who has been through it. It was God’s love that brought him down and made him to share the sinful nature of men. The greater became smaller so that the smaller be exalted to stature of the greatest. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that whoever believe on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

How does the God-given remedy work and what are the practical implications?

God’s dealing with sin makes us humble, for it declares that all of us have sinned and fell short of his glory. We all are the same and no one is better than the other. We all need a saviour to help us in our time of need.

God’s remedy encourages us to stand on the truth that we are God’s loving children and will always be despite being sinful. We never lose this identity despite our weak nature, since our identity is not made up by our works – good or bad. It’s already been established before we even did anything and no one can take it away from us.

Does the assurance that we always be loved despite our weakness give us a permission to lead an ungodly life knowing that the solution is available every time we do wrong? No. Once we have been enlightened, it becomes our responsibility to take God’s help and do our best not to go back to the old nature and habits. For the one who believes in God’s plan to deal with sin should also believe that God is powerful enough to save him from all temptations.

Are you deliberately running away from what your heart knows is good and tend to choose just the opposite? Are you tired that you have made many wrong choices and there is no going back? This is not true.

God has already designed a solution for you. Accept it with faith since it’s been designed by the one knows you intimately, He’s been through everything you are facing right now. Just believe your God and saviour that He is powerful enough to give you freedom. He loves you!

Salvation without works

Is there a way to receive salvation without good works?

Being weak in nature are we able to comply by the rule of “good works to receive salvation”. How good will the work be if its done  to fulfill an obligation as opposed to be driven by a desire. Taken as an obligation, how much of the good work is needed? What if someone fails despite best efforts?  Would the intention to do good be counted or just the failed attempt be considered? If salvation means freedom from sin and the effects of sin, then how can a method that is prone to failure be employed to attain something as perfect as salvation.

Sin is so wrapped up in our inner being that in spite of our desire to do good, what comes out may be just the opposite. The presence of the “desire to do good” despite weakness of human nature to carry it out signifies the perpetual inner conflict which gives rise to the feeling of guilt. Guilt then seizes the opportunity from our weak human nature to rule whenever we fail. Some of us deliberately try to weaken guilt by becoming insensitive and stubborn, while others find themselves caught in the relentless cycle of attempting to do good to make themselves free from guilt, only to find out that they are not going anywhere, let along finding salvation in the process.

Salvation is defined as freedom from sin, but the means to attain this goal is actually a reminder of our human shortfalls and weak nature. How can salvation be achieved through a medium that is just doing the opposite (making us a slave of guilt)?

If salvation means freedom from sin and the effects of sin, wont it be appropriate if the freedom from sin translates into good works and not the other way around.

Since human nature is weak to carry out the law of good works, what did God do to help us in our weakness? He upheld the law of obedience and brought himself down to fulfill the obligation of good works. He sent his son, who came with the fullness of God in likeness of man. Who lived among us under the law and remained faithful until his death on cross. What the human nature couldn’t achieve because of weakness, God accomplished through His son. Is there anything left for us to do? Nothing, just to believe that no work is needed to receive salvation.

There is no greater love than laying down life for the beloved. God has proved his love for his creation by sending his son who has brought us salvation by fulfilling the obligation of works. Are we ready to share in God’s earned salvation by faith?