Law of grace

The Lord lives in his holy mountain in unapproachable lights. No eye can see and no heart can perceive his beauty. He is beyond all and in him we all find our fullness. It was the desire of his heart to make mankind in his own image and give them a portion in his treasure as a father leaves inheritance for his children. He wanted his people to come to him and share in his divine fellowship.  He sent his own son in the image of man so that by believing on his work and life, mankind may gain the eternal purpose of God’s heart to be reconciled to God the father.

The law of  righteousness erects a wall between God and his creation but his son came down to tear that wall by sacrificing his body on cross and redeemed mankind of their sins so that no one should perish but each and everyone will have eternal life. The life that can’t be attained nor be earned by any means was freely given to whoever believes in the name of Jesus.

A new law was written by the finger of the Son of God – Law of grace, that has nothing to do with what man can do for God, but what God has accomplished through his Son –  the sinless lamb of God. He was tempted to sin but never yielded to the temptation.

This old law  was defined by the Son in a way that was never perceived by mankind before. “Seek and ye shall find.” Seek the righteousness of God and find the freedom from the obligation to live by your own righteousness.

The coming of Christ has heralded a new era of freedom. Freedom from the old order to work to get God’s favour to believe and see. The new covenant introduced us to a high priest who is available to help us in our time of need. With the coming of the shepherd of our souls, the burden has been shifted from mankind to prove its righteousness to God to declare them righteous.

“Listen what the spirit says to the Churches”. Just listen – The sinless lamb stands and knocks at the door. Open the door and receive him. Not just him but also a share in his own righteousness!


Peace and Joy

“Therefore since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.” Romans 5:1-2

Our faith in Lord Jesus Christ makes us righteous in the sight of God. It’s a provision that God made when he saw that we were unable to uphold the obligation of work. God calls us righteous on the basis of faith and not our works so that no one could boast on anything except God’s finished work through his son Jesus Christ.

Faith of a child of God cries out through the spirit of sonship “Abba Father” and declares that we are children of God. The moment faith turns into action (by speaking), we come in agreement with what God had announced when he made his covenant with us, “Today I have become your father.”. In order for us to receive the inheritance as children of God our unseen faith needs to be confessed by our mouth.

When we proclaim out loud God’s covenant, we give a chance to Godly peace to reign in our lives. The peace that surpasses all knowledge becomes active in our lives and we begin to see a change in the way we treat ourselves and others.

Faith is an active force that doesn’t let us stay at one place but energizes us to proceed to the place of grace. It works similar to the way a permission is applied for and granted in order to gain an access to a different country. Faith is the granted permission that gives us privilege to enter into a new country, called grace. The place where we were before was built on the foundation of written code of laws and regulations but the place of grace has its foundation on spoken promises of God. The grace adds adequate strength to a child of God that enables him to lead a Godly life. What we can’t achieve on our own, grace accomplishes through us. Grace fill us with power to thank God in most adverse situations. Grace turns an ordinary man into an extraordinary witness for Christ.

The place of grace is the promised land where the Israelites couldn’t enter because of their lack of faith. The place of grace still promises great unseen blessings that remain unseen until our faith mixed with the word of God turns them into reality.

The place of grace is surrounded with Godly peace. When a child of God stands in Godly peace, he doesn’t remain silent but rejoices not to see the answer to his prayers but in the hope of the glory of God. This new place doesn’t work on the natural principle of cause and effect, where a certain cause gives rise to a specific effect but on the reverse Kingdom principle where the cause is known by the effect it produces. Sometimes, we doubt if faith exists in our lives when we don’t see the answers to our prayers for a long time, but the verse makes it clear that those who have peace (effect) with God, have already been justified (cause) by God. And what remains next is to enter into the promised land to receive new blessings.

Purpose driven weakness

2 Cor. 12:9 My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Has anyone heard of a God who says that my strength is made perfect in the weakness of my people. Christ said to Paul when Paul prayed for a certain situation to be removed from his life. Christ answered by saying that “my grace is all you need for my power is made perfect in weakness”.

Is Christ denying an answer to Paul’s prayer by saying Paul you won’t get what you are asking for but all you will receive is my grace?  Christ was saying that there was a purpose behind Paul’s weakness. And that was – when Paul was weak because of unanswered prayers, failures, persecutions, then Christ’ strength was made perfect.

Paul said, “I will rejoice over my weaknesses for when I am weak then I am strong“. Paul’s failures or unanswered prayers don’t frustrate him since Christ has given a new name to Paul’s weakness. – Paul’s weakness is Christ’ strength. Christ told Paul that you not only glorify my name by thanksgiving in response to the prayers answered but also by accepting my authority over your unanswered prayers and weaknesses.

Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith, makes things meaningful by giving them a new name.  Christ is making Paul’s weakness meaningful by calling it by a new name .  We feel frustrated to see that the works of our hands are not producing desired results. Christ replaces this human frustration by adding a degree of his glory, in the form of strength to our failures –  making our failure an essential component of the strength of HIS glory.

God is God since HE is perfect. Then, why perfect God is willing to exchange his glory with our weakness. If our weakness is not present Christ denies to call his strength “perfect”. Christ, our high priest, knows the weak nature of humankind. He is also aware of the perfection of God’s power and strength. Since Christ is our mediator, He looks at our weakness, measures it and replaces it not with Human strength but with the perfect strength of God. We carry Christ ‘ glory, both in our strength and in our weaknesses.

Are you feeling depressed today to see a multitude of unanswered prayers? Do you feel weak to see one failure after another in your life? Take heart! Christ has given a new name  and a purpose to your failure, that His glory and strength will remain less than perfect without your weakness and failure.

Christ is asking you to make HIS strength perfect today by giving your weakness to HIM. Are you ready?

Light shines in darkness

Genesis 1:3-4 “ God said let there be light and there was light  and God saw that the light was good and divided the light from darkness”

 God is sureme and has complete authority over the world of darkness and light. His word is alive and active that has the power to bring life to wherever it is spoken. So when God used his supreme word to command to come, light appeared. If you read the next part of the verse, you will find that even though the light appeared, there was still a part of darkness that wasn’t turned into light. The next part said “God separated light from darkness”.  If the light had appeared all over the place, God wouldn’t have had to separate light from darkness.

Why was there still darkness even though God said “let there be light.”

Bible says in John1:5 “light shines in the darkness.” Father, our creator,  wanted to reveal the true nature of light by putting it under adverse situation. Light appears much brighter when shines in darkness. If God had turned the whole darkness into light, light wouldn’t have reflected  its true beauty and characteristic.

What situation are you in today?

Does it seem that you are surrounded by darkness even though you are trying to live a Godly life? Do you wonder why you are being persecuted and put down by others when all you are doing is to try to live a Christ centered life?

The answer lies in the fact that God has spoken his divine word over you, “Let there be light.” He made his light shine onto you so that others may see the true beauty and nature of this light that shines and becomes brighter in adverse situation and by faith and persistence you may reveal the true nature and image of Christ that is being formed in you day by day.  God is sovereign and he could turn the darkness that is surrounding you into light at any time. A little patience, and the one who separated light from darkness will give you freedom from every hindrance and resistance that stands against your God given light.

Father, thank you that you have given your own light to us. Enable us to let it shine onto others.