Prodigal son’s testimony: The Joy is mine

Joy was never lost but was hidden for a while.  I was happy to be on my own and didn’t even care about what I had left  behind. I kept walking on my own way and was happy to see the world with my own eyes. I saw helpless people standing on my way pleading for help, but I was too busy in my own world. To stop and help seemed a waste of time to me. Why should I hear their cry? They have their own destiny and after all, I am not responsible for everyone in this world.

I went on my own, fulfilling the desire of my heart. I never listened to anyone on my way, I was full of pride and somehow enjoyed it. Soon, I was successful and one success opened a door for another one. I became too busy with myself.

But I was not happy, despite the fact that I had achieved and gained much, I was empty inside. Why? I questioned myself. WHY?

Soon, I realized that I had no joy and peace. I was completely broken inside and had no courage to share my cry with others. I never listened to anyone, why should they listen to me now? I needed help but didn’t know who to ask.

I thought of going back to my home. Upon looking back, I realized that I was far from my own. I tried to find the footprints that would lead me home, but the time had erased them completely.

What should I do? In my anguish, I cried loud…I cried that someone will come to rescue me , and fill me with peace and joy..”O creator, where are you? Why am I dying in pain and anguish despite all worldly blessings? Am I destined to live this way. Soon my life will be over then what will happen to everything that I have achieved with hard work? Help me..Lord”.

After I had spoken to my creator, I felt a bit different. I had never felt that way in many years. I was wondering about what had happened to me that suddenly I heard someone knocking at my door. No one had visited me for years so I just ignored it. Then, I heard the knock again and again…Who is knocking at my door?  I reached out to open the door and saw someone standing there. He called me by my name and told me that he had come in answer to my cry.

I was surprised and asked the stranger, “How do you know me and know what I have been going through?.”  The stranger smiled and said, “I know you and also what you have been going through since I died for you. I fill you with my own peace and joy. This joy is mine. I give you what is mine and take what is yours. Walk in my joy.”

Suddenly, I felt that someone has taken away years of heaviness off my shoulders. I became a different person in a moment. I have received the joy of Jesus and this joy has become mine. No-one can take it away from me. THE JOY IS MINE.