Love the Lord

Luke 10:27, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.”

Love the Lord with all your heart  – It’s the desire of the Lord’s heart to become the centre of our desires. It’s His wish that whatever we want or pray for in this life becomes a means to get us closer to Him. Where our treasure is this is where our heart is. The Lord doesn’t want us not to enjoy the blessings that He brings into our lives but he wants to see himself in the beginning and at the end of those blessings. The reason is not withholding anything from us but to protect those blessings in Christ so that through them we may worship the father as he actually is and receive more blessings.

Our Lord wants to reveal the deep longing of his heart to his children but its not possible unless our hearts are willing to receive his truth and are aligned to walk in his purpose. Love relationship can’t be built in a day or two but needs conscious effort. The Lord needs our fellowship and wants his children to listen and learn from his word and meditate to know the purpose behind those words. He is available to tell us why he wants what he wants but that’s not possible without us coming to his presence regularly with an open heart full of reverence for Him.

May our hearts drive us closer to the Lord everyday as we strive to listen to him. May His love reveal the true meaning of love which gets reflected the way we love ourselves and others. May He be blessed for ever and ever!

Love the Lord with all your soul – To love the Lord with all of our soul is a daily struggle. Our soul has its own way and mind that need to be tamed to make it a useful vessel to glorify the Lord. Our soul desires what is contrary to the desires of the Lord’s heart. Our soul is aware of what to do but procrastinates and delays its own blessings. Feeding the soul with the word of the Lord is what it means to love the Lord with our soul. We can’t make our soul to eat the food its not accustomed to unless it has become a habit to find taste in the word of the Lord. The Lord desires to see a healthy soul that has been nourished by both spiritual milk and meat.

Love the Lord with all your mind – The mind that has found rest in the Lord is a powerful weapon against all the forces of darkness because of the indwelling presence of the unshakable peace of the Lord. Submitting the mind to the authority of the word of Lord is the first step in loving the Lord with all our mind. Our mind is the target of the attack of enemy who can easily paralyse it with negative thoughts and emotions if we are not equipped with the helmet of salvation.  The Lord has given us the weapons to protect our mind from the fiery arrows of the enemy. A vigilant child of God who has determined not to let his mind become battlefield of the attacks, makes regular use of Godly resources to remain unaffected and present himself in the purity of his mind to the Lord. Only a sound mind that has conquered the attacks can produce pure thoughts that are acceptable to the Lord.

Love the Lord with all your strength – When we first decide to obey the Lord, his strength takes over and work with our weakness to make us powerful in Christ. The Lord has given us his spirit that moves and energizes God’s children to accomplish great works for the Lord. The Spirit is our counsellor and our light to leads us into all the truth.  The spirit takes us out of the dominance of darkness and bring us to the light of the gospel so that we could be called “children of light”.   The Spirit fills us with spiritual fervour and enthusiasm that enables to accomplish great works for the Lord. Just acknowledge your weakness to the Lord and admit a desire to follow him wholeheartedly and you will prove that you love the Lord with all your strength.

To Love the Lord is a conscious effort, a habit that needs to be cultivated and nurtured every day. The Lord has blessed us in spiritual realm to lead a life that reflects our love for our God and saviour. Let’s make good use of the Godly resources and Offer ourselves to our precious Father as his loving child every day.