Prayer for peace

Father, you sent your son Jesus Christ who was called the prince of peace. Holy father, Jesus said,  In this world you will have trouble,  but be brave I have defeated the world. My father, Jesus promised us his own peace when he said I give you my own peace, not the kind that this world gives, but my own. I ask for the peace of Christ in our lives today. I ask for the peace that surpasses all knowledge, understanding and is inexplicable. The peace that surrounds us and follow us wherever we go. May others see this peace in our lives and may our lives become a channel through which Godly peace flows. Thank you father that you have heard this prayer. In Jesus name…Amen


Prayer for protection

The Lord is Holy and dwells in holiness. He is worthy of all praise and honour and glory for through Him and in Him we have been called to become the followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. He was unblemished and was chosen to become a ransom for our sins from the beginning.

We were called to remain in his glory and behold his glorious being. But we went away from Him. We neither recognized our sins not repented but He is merciful and in his grace, brought us back to our original place that was prepared for us by his mighty hands. He is the one who deserve all praise and honour.

Father, since we have been called to live in Christ, protect your people in the name of Jesus. The name that is our eternal abode. For in his name we are safe and well protected. Father, in Christ we move and have our fullness. Protect your people today, in the holy name of Jesus.

My Father, those who started with Christ and haven’t finished it yet, let them be strengthened to fulfill the purpose that you have desired for them in Christ. Father, your people need your own strength to carry out your divine purpose in their lives. Strengthen them in body, mind, and spirit to stand firm and receive the eternal blessings that you have promised in Jesus Christ.

Father, send us the strength of the Holy spirit today so that we may rise and stand firm in Jesus name.

Thanks you father that everything ever asked in Jesus name has been fulfilled and received according to Jesus’ divine word. AMEN!

Feeding five thousand people

In Luke 9: 10-17, Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus said one of his disciples to ask the people to sit down before he broke the bread and turned it into food for five thousand people. He said “Have the people sit down in groups of about fifty each”.

Jesus could have done the miracle without having the crowd sit down in groups. But when he asked them to do so, he had  a greater purpose in his mind than merely turning five loaves into thosands of pieces of bread for the crowd. The Lord wanted to give the people insight into what was spoken by Isaiah in chapter 40: 4-5 Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low, the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed. The Lord was explaining that the glory of the Lord does not appear at a place where there are irregularities, where there are differences. But when the valleys are raised up and mountains are  brought down and both come upto the same level, the Lord sends his glory that manifests itself through miracles.

In psalm 133, David says, How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity for there the Lord bestows his blessings. In the crowd of five thousand people, there could be people who didn’t want to sit next to each other. Or those who just wanted to grab their share of bread and go away. The Lord wanted to tell them that unity precedes every miracle.

Are you waiting for your miracle and it seems the prayers are not getting answered? The answer lies in “sitting together in groups.

The time has arrived for God’s people to move forward in faith, become united and receive their miracles.