My righteous one shall live by faith

Hebrews 10:37-38, “He who is coming will come and will not delay. But my righteous one will live by faith.”

God demonstrated the fullness of his love once and for all when he sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth. But the demonstration of love doesn’t stop there, every day God reveals the deep secrets of his love to people so that they may know Him more. His mercies are renewed every morning that enable us to stand before him and worship Him with renewed faith, hope and love. He  feeds his people every day with the fresh bread made by the revealed word through Jesus Christ, that strengthens us to walk in the way of his divine will.  God has full authority in heaven and on earth and in his love, He fabricates circumstances in response to our prayers so that you may come closer to him and enjoy the fullness of life in the seen and unseen world.

A righteous man or woman who ponders on the work of God knows that God’s love is beyond every fibre of human understanding. Someone who has started walking in the direction of God’s love knows that the father loves him regardless of the way he expresses his love. Sometimes, God answers our prayers instantly but other times, there might be a delay that God uses  to make us stronger in faith. 

Abraham experienced the love of God and he knew that God doesn’t lie even though his promises might take long to fulfill. Abraham saw the unseen God and started walking in the direction of the promised blessings and God blessed him in both heavenly and earthly realm. Abraham was not only blessed with a son but was also called the father of all those who come to God in faith. Abraham, by waiting patiently and walking in faith , was rewarded richly by God and was called “righteous” in God’s divine presence.

Worldly righteousness can be attained by good works by Godly righteousness comes by trusting God and focusing on his word.

Unfavourable circumstances try to make us fall from our position in Christ, but those who meditate on the love of God are greatly strengthened in their times of need. The word comes to rescue us when the negative forces and life situations come to destroy our peace. Word sent help is near but it won’t work in the life of the one who has never experienced the power of the word of God in his life? How can you trust something or someone in your time of need when you have never taken time to build love and trust relationship? Word given help is only for those who study it, meditate on it and try to stand on it even when its hard to stand. 

Once a love relationship is built with the word of God, trust develops that enables a child of God to stand on the unseen ground of the word of God.

The one who stands on the word, in season and out of season, is rewarded by the father just as Abraham was.

What a joy! The one who is declared righteous before God is entitled to have access to the fullness of the promised blessings! My just shall live by faith, says the Lord.