Salvation without works

Is there a way to receive salvation without good works?

Being weak in nature are we able to comply by the rule of “good works to receive salvation”. How good will the work be if its done  to fulfill an obligation as opposed to be driven by a desire. Taken as an obligation, how much of the good work is needed? What if someone fails despite best efforts?  Would the intention to do good be counted or just the failed attempt be considered? If salvation means freedom from sin and the effects of sin, then how can a method that is prone to failure be employed to attain something as perfect as salvation.

Sin is so wrapped up in our inner being that in spite of our desire to do good, what comes out may be just the opposite. The presence of the “desire to do good” despite weakness of human nature to carry it out signifies the perpetual inner conflict which gives rise to the feeling of guilt. Guilt then seizes the opportunity from our weak human nature to rule whenever we fail. Some of us deliberately try to weaken guilt by becoming insensitive and stubborn, while others find themselves caught in the relentless cycle of attempting to do good to make themselves free from guilt, only to find out that they are not going anywhere, let along finding salvation in the process.

Salvation is defined as freedom from sin, but the means to attain this goal is actually a reminder of our human shortfalls and weak nature. How can salvation be achieved through a medium that is just doing the opposite (making us a slave of guilt)?

If salvation means freedom from sin and the effects of sin, wont it be appropriate if the freedom from sin translates into good works and not the other way around.

Since human nature is weak to carry out the law of good works, what did God do to help us in our weakness? He upheld the law of obedience and brought himself down to fulfill the obligation of good works. He sent his son, who came with the fullness of God in likeness of man. Who lived among us under the law and remained faithful until his death on cross. What the human nature couldn’t achieve because of weakness, God accomplished through His son. Is there anything left for us to do? Nothing, just to believe that no work is needed to receive salvation.

There is no greater love than laying down life for the beloved. God has proved his love for his creation by sending his son who has brought us salvation by fulfilling the obligation of works. Are we ready to share in God’s earned salvation by faith?