Light shines in darkness

Genesis 1:3-4 “ God said let there be light and there was light  and God saw that the light was good and divided the light from darkness”

 God is sureme and has complete authority over the world of darkness and light. His word is alive and active that has the power to bring life to wherever it is spoken. So when God used his supreme word to command to come, light appeared. If you read the next part of the verse, you will find that even though the light appeared, there was still a part of darkness that wasn’t turned into light. The next part said “God separated light from darkness”.  If the light had appeared all over the place, God wouldn’t have had to separate light from darkness.

Why was there still darkness even though God said “let there be light.”

Bible says in John1:5 “light shines in the darkness.” Father, our creator,  wanted to reveal the true nature of light by putting it under adverse situation. Light appears much brighter when shines in darkness. If God had turned the whole darkness into light, light wouldn’t have reflected  its true beauty and characteristic.

What situation are you in today?

Does it seem that you are surrounded by darkness even though you are trying to live a Godly life? Do you wonder why you are being persecuted and put down by others when all you are doing is to try to live a Christ centered life?

The answer lies in the fact that God has spoken his divine word over you, “Let there be light.” He made his light shine onto you so that others may see the true beauty and nature of this light that shines and becomes brighter in adverse situation and by faith and persistence you may reveal the true nature and image of Christ that is being formed in you day by day.  God is sovereign and he could turn the darkness that is surrounding you into light at any time. A little patience, and the one who separated light from darkness will give you freedom from every hindrance and resistance that stands against your God given light.

Father, thank you that you have given your own light to us. Enable us to let it shine onto others.


My father is always working

In John 5, Jesus healed a man who was disabled for thirty-eight years. Since Jesus had done this healing on Sabbath, the pharisees came to persecute him. Jesus said to them, “My father is always at work to this very day and I too am working.”

Paul says in 1Cor.3:9, “For we are God’s fellow workers.” Fellow workers are those people who have a desire to work with God, under the guidance of HIS divine word that came to us through Jesus Christ, our Lord. A worker who is well aware of the goals of company he works for and is dilligent enough to align his own career goals with those of the company, will be succesful in his career. Likewise, Unless we know the purpose behind God’s work and the way HE works, our works will not be fruitful.

Bible says in Genesis 1:3, ” God said, Let there be light and there was light.” God our father and creator brings things to life by speaking his word. Not only so, He desires to give the same auhority to his people, the same way He gave to his son Jesus. The word of God is active and alive (Heb 4:12). Isaiah says that God’s word never returns empty, but accomlishes what HE desires. The word of God that came to us through Jesus Christ is the absolute truth. It is written in John 8:32, the truth will set you free. In other words, God’s word not only creates and bring life but also brings complete freedom.

Father is into the business of setting people free: emotionally, physically and mentally.  Jesus was setting people free when He was here on earth. What are we doing? Let’s evaluate the consequences of our words today. Are we acting as co-partners with God and proclaiming his word that brings freedom?