Longing for thy presence

Psalm 42:1, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

Longing for the Lord is an expression of our deepest desire to be with the Lord.  It emanates from God’s own heartfelt desire to be in the fellowship of his children. All of us have experienced God at various occasions and sundry times in our lives. Some of us are open and sensitive to his presence while others try to hide this experience by giving false names to it. Irrespective of how we respond to God’s desire to be with us, our father and creator wants to bless us with his presence. His presence brings a deep sense of joy and peace that surpasses all human understanding and knowledge. The peace that follows his presence is independent of what we have and where we are. In ancient days, devoted people would run to spend time with the Lord. Even today, there are people who would leave things behind to be in His fellowship. God’s love calls us  during the early morning hours and his knowledge gives us perfect peace at night.

God’s presence not only satisfies the deepest desire of our hearts but also brings a unique inner beauty that shines through those who make themselves available for Him. We may come to Him broken, disheartened and frustrated, but leave content, joyful and free.  God is indeed our deepest desire that can never be filled by anyone or anything. Some of us deny this truth and try to make cisterns to run away from the well. But all these pursuits leave us empty and broken. We can never attain the peace and joy that the living God offers. We might carve images and idols to replace God in our lives, but our own creation can never take the place of our creator.

Why does everyone not feel a longing for the Lord? Why some of us are insensitive to his presence?

The answer lies in the fact that we have changed the focus and meditation of our heart. We see what we see, leaving no scope for faith to believe the unseen (even though its through the unseen that the seen came into being). We are too much occupied with what we have that we don’t actually need God in our lives. We are so much concerned about where are we going,  that we have completely forgotten where we have come from.

Unless we know our roots, unless we long to know the one who has sent us down to this earth, we will remain empty. Our heavenly father is a jealous God (Joshua 24:19) and rightly so for he loves his children with a perfect love. He gets jealous to see us running away from His presence and trying to find the fulfillment that only He can give, in alternatives and idols.

God speaks through His creation. Listen! Who controls life and death? Who is the one who fashioned us in the womb of our mothers, God knew us completely even before we came into existence. He has seen our unseen parts and there is nothing in us that is beyond the reach of his perfect knowledge.

Who created the stars? Do they come into existence by themselves? Who has put a boundary around the sea? Who provides life and food to the tiniest of living creatures that are not even seen by naked eyes? Who has given wisdom to little birds that they gather food for their young ones? Who has filled the hearts of birds and animals with love for their children?

Doesn’t it all speak about the love of God. Who could give such love to His creation if not the perfect God. Why is it too hard for some of us to accept that we are and will always be deeply loved by our creator who expresses his love in ways that are sometimes  incomprehensible. What went wrong that we have become so insensitive to the presence of the one who makes us whole and from whom we have come from?

God is love. Look around, See with open eyes and with enlightened eyes of faith. You will surely find him standing beside you. We have never known to be away from Him,  “for in Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Father longs to be with you. Are you available?