Behold your Son, Behold your mother!

John 19: 26, “Jesus said to the disciple whom he loved, “Behold, your mother”, and to his mother he said, “Behold, your son.”

Jesus talks about his work all the time in Holy scripture.

Jesus says in John 5:17, “My father is always at his work to this very day and I too am working.” Jesus again said in John 4:34, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”

What work Jesus was doing and what work he wants his disciples to continue as per his word, “You shall do greater works than I did.”

During Jesus’ ministry of this earth, the Kingdom of God was at the core of Jesus’ mission and his work on this earth. He has extended the same work to his disciples. Jesus’ work is twofold – Reconciliation and Delegation. Reconciliation of the lost to God, the father and delegation of Kingdom work to those who have been reconciled to God through the Son.

Reconciliation and delegation go together to spread the kingdom. When Jesus appeared to Paul (Saul), He reconciled Paul to God and at the same time delegated Ananias to go to Paul to heal him.

When the Lord appeared to Cornelius, He reconciled him to God with by saying, “Your prayers and the works of charity have come up as a memorial offering before God.” At the same time, He delegated Peter to go to Cornelius to preach the good news to him and his household.

Even on the cross, Jesus was busy doing reconciliation and delegation.

He reconciled the world to God, the father and delegated certain task to Mary and John. To John he said, “Behold, your mother.” and to Mary he said, “Behold, your Son.”

Reconciliation and delegation…

Those of us who have been reconciled to God through the Son have been delegated to the care of others. Lets bow down before the father pleading him to open our eyes to see where and to whom the Lord want us to go. The Lord will reveal the same way he revealed to Paul and Ananias, Cornelius and Peter, and John (Son) and Mother (Mary).

Father God, I thank you for the gift of salvation. Let your Holy Spirit guide me to go the right way to glorify your name. In Jesus name, Amen!






My Brother

In Matthew 5:23, Jesus says, “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the alter and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the alter. First go and be reconciled to our brother.” 

To the surprise of the listeners, Jesus, the son of most high God was not giving first priority to worshipping God, but to the process of reconciliation with a brother. He went to the extent that even though you are right at the alter and have brought gifts to honour your God, Just leave them right there at the alter and go and make peace with your brother.

Why is it so important to reconcile with others. Simply, because God desires his worshippers to worship him in spirit and in truth (John4:24). When we have something wrong against others, we become slaves to all sorts of negative feelings but the moment we make peace with them, our freedom comes back.

How does it happen? Lets take a look:

The process of reconciliation starts in our mind with a desire to understand the other person better. We might be wronged for reasons we may not be aware of. May be the one who has wronged us, may not be aware that it has happened. It could be that it was done purposely to correct us or for some other reasons. Jesus didn’t teach us to “forget and  forgive”. Rather, he is asking us to confront the situation with the intention to make peace. Do not run away from the situation but go to the one who has something wrong against you. The end result of the confrontation should be very clear in our mind, that is reconciliation.

What if the other person is not willing to even talk to us? Still we could try and our efforts will be fruitful if we do it sincerely. For nothing ever go waste if we do it in Lord’s way. Soon, we will see the end result as the change in that person’s behaviour.

Making peace with each other is more important to Jesus than worshipping God. That doesn’t mean we should neglect worshipping God. But everything should be done in order as the Lord says, “Give to God what belongs to God and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”