The powerful gifts of the Spirit

The Gifts of the Spirit are present much more than ever before in these days as the Lord spoke through Prophet Joel in Joel 2:28, “In last days I will pour out my spirit on all people“.

The Spirit that the Lord is outpouring without measure is the same spirit Almighty God used to resurrect Christ. The one who has full faith in Jesus is able to do great works for the glory of Christ through the mighty power of the Spirit.  Spirit is powerful and blessed are those who seek the gifts of the Spirit not for their own edification but to glorify the name that is above all names…JESUS, THE KING OF KINGS.

The ministry of the Spirit is manifold as explained by Paul in 1Corinthians 14. The same spirit distributes different gifts according to the divine will and purpose of God. Some are blessed with the gift of the tongues, some have the power to heal, some preach by the same spirit and some are blessed with the gift of the interpretation of tongues, or discern between different kinds of spirits. The Spirit works through the manifestation of different gifts for the edification and unity of the Church for the glory of Christ.

1. Tongues: The spirit utters mysteries about the powerful works and persona of God that man or woman cannot grasp through human  mind nor speak in worldly languages. Under the influence of the spirit, human tongue utters unknown and unsearchable mysteries that bring glory to God. Gift of tongues is a powerful manifestation of the work of the Spirit. Those who have been blessed with the gift of tongues use it for their own edification and are filled with much power when the spirit controls them to speak spiritual mysteries in unknown tongues.

2. Interpretation of tongues: Interpretation of the tongues bring meaning to the revealed mysteries about most high God and his son Jesus Christ. As Paul says Those who have the gift of tongues should pray for the gift of the interpretation too as the one speaking in tongues edifies his/her spirit but the one who interprets edifies the whole congregation.

3. Healing: Jesus healed multitude during his ministry here on earth. Jesus who said “You will do greater work than these” gives the power of healing to the believers. Healing works through by prayer, fasting, worshipping, singing in the presence of the Lord, tithe giving, and forgiving others. The Lord’s gift of healing not only brings physical healing but also emotional and spiritual deliverance. God uses man and woman in all generation to use the gift of healing for his own glory.

4. Driving demons: Jesus has given authority to the believers to drive out demons . As Paul said that our war is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers of this dark age. A child of God who spends time in the presence of the Lord becomes sensitive to the presence of the demons and the work of devil. Since no one among us is prefect, the moment a child of God is aware of any demonic attack on him/her or on others, an urgent action should be taken. Prayers in faith with fasting bring deliverance in Jesus name.

5. Prophesy and the gift of encouraging others: Paul wrote letters to different Churches while he was still in the jail. A child of God is powerful in the spirit all the time irrespective of where he is or how much/little he has. Since the Lord is same, he can us anyone for his glory at any time. Let’s be prepared in season and out of season to speak the mighty word of God for the encouragement of others.

The Spirit works in myriad ways among believers to bring glory to God. Are you filled with the Holy spirit? Do you have gifts or the Spirit? Are you eagerly seeking them? The answer lies in following Christ. God, the heavenly father has already given us his son Jesus…the source of all blessings, will he not also add the gifts of the Spirit to our blessings. He will…for HIS own glory.