Power of a renewed mind

John 14:15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command.”

To love is to obey. Obedience is to know what the Lord is saying and asking us to do. The Lord speaks in confirmation of his divine word and the word spoken through HIS spirit always brings conviction to the hearer. A clear indication to be sensitive to the word of God is to get convicted every time the word is proclaimed. Sometimes, we just want to pass the conviction to our neighbour and think that the message is not meant for us but for someone else. Beware! This is the deception of devil to plant the weed of untruth in our minds so that the seed of the word may not germinate. Our own thoughts stand against the act of conviction created by the double-edged nature of the word of God.  How to control our thoughts then –  The answer is Jesus – ask  Jesus to intervene and guard your mind before you  come to hear the word of God. A careful farmer puts a hedge around his vineyard to protect it from all danger, likewise a shrewd child of God comes to hear the word of God well protected, with a helmet of salvation placed tightly over his head, to protect it from unwanted weeds in the form of deceiving thoughts from the enemy.

Mind is powerful, whether Godly or evil. God has granted great unknown potential to human mind which remains unknown unless mind is brought to submission. It seems impossible to bring mind to submission but with God everything is possible. A quiet mind brings forth the thoughts of life and the presence of our sun of righteousness purifies those thoughts so that they become acceptable to the Lord. Pure thoughts are the source of wholesome talk, for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

The mind that has been renewed in the presence of Jesus becomes so strong that the moment it perceives strange thoughts trying to get it, it becomes alert and throws them out. This process doesn’t occur overnight but after putting our mind under strict training to remain quiet and submissive in the presence of the Lord.

Know your mind and unleash the great potential that is found within you. Come into the presence of the King of Kings, let your thoughts flow freely in the presence of Jesus and be purified in HIS Holy presence. Only Jesus knows the secret to tame our thoughts and only He can bring them  to complete control for HIs glory and honour!